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>It’s Just Discrimination

From The Bilerico Project:

Vatican Cheers on Anti-LGBT Discrimination
by Waymon Hudson

Someone better head to the confessional.

The Times Online is reporting that the Vatican has come out strongly against a United Nations declaration formally condemning anti-LGBT discrimination, saying that the declaration would lead to the decriminalization of same-sex unions. The nonbinding resolution, created by France, condemns “discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Well, the Vatican having none of it. The Vatican’s permanent observer at the UN said that while the Catholic Church forbids “unjust discrimination” against homosexuals, outlawing discrimination by means of a UN declaration would pressure states that did not recognize same-sex unions to do so.

I guess the churches stance is simply “just” discrimination…

According to the Times:
Over 80 countries in the world currently outlaw same-sex relations, with punishments range from short prison sentences to life imprisonment and even death by execution. The UN declaration will not be binding, but gay rights movements hope it will lead to a UN resolution.
So the church would rather stand against same-sex unions and allow death sentences for LGBT people?

Franco Grillini, founder and honorary president of Arcigay, Italy’s leading gay rights group, told Reuters that the Vatican’s reasoning smacked of “total idiocy and madness.”

The French resolution, which is supported by all 27 members of the European Union, has nothing to do with gay marriage. It is about stopping jail and the death penalty for homosexuals.
So the Catholic Church is so afraid of same-sex unions that they are willing to allow the continued abuse and murder of the LGBT community in nations around the world.


If God hears about this she is going to be pissed.


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>Double Oh…….uh oh

Well, we went to see the new James Bond movie yesterday. I’m not really a fan, per se, although I loved Sean Connery in the role. Roger Moore? He looked like puffy pastry in a tux. Timothy Dalton? Oh, the guy between Moore and Pierce Brosnan, who was all right…..just all right. But Daniel Craig is very handsome….very….handsome….and he seems to bring back some of the tough guy dangerous quality that Sean Connery brought to Bond.
So, I enjoyed the movie, right? Indeed. It was pure escapism, put all logic on a shelf and hang on for the ride. But Carlos found one particular part of the movie so unbelievable, so wrong that he had to voice his opinion loudly. In the theater.
In the closing scene, in Russia, Bond comes out of the apartment building and finds M–Dame Judi Densch–waiting for him as the snow drifts gently down. The horrendous infraction? The amazing oversight? The lapse of reality? The one thing in the entire movie that Carlos found so wrong?

Judi wasn’t wearing a coat!

What the…….? No coat is your major objection? Not the scene where James Bond is running over the rooftops of Sienna, Italy, leaping from balcony to balcony, out the window onto the top of a passing bus, then off the bus back onto the buildings, which he scales to the top of the bell tower, only to grab the bad guy and fall through the skylight of a neighboring building and land on scaffolding many feet above a stone floor, where the fight continues and the scaffolding breaks, and the ropes and pulleys are used by 007 and the villain to hang from the sky and fight, until the last scaffold collapses sending Bond plummeting to the floor, where he stops just inches from the stones, swinging to and fro, reaching for the gun he dropped as the bad guy climbs up the crumbled scaffold toward the ceiling and the spot where he left his gun, which he grabs, aims, and, Bond grabs his own gun from the floor and shoots the villain while hanging upside down?

Or the scene where he flies the rickety old plain over Bolivia and is being chased by a fighter pilot and Bond aims the plane at the sky, hands a parachute to the girl, who tumbles toward an exit door, while all the cargo flies past her, nearly flattening her, and then 007 can’t find his own parachute, and the plane continue straight up, and so Bond unlocks his seat belt, falls back through the plane and he and the girl fall out of the plane, him without a chute and trying to grab the girl and hang on and then he finally gets her and tugs on her parachute just as they fall into a sinkhole created by the bad guys and the drop to the floor without so much as a sprain.

What about the end of the movie when the girl has killed the general,and the hotel is burning up and blowing up all around them and Bond finds her and comforts her as they prepare to die in the inferno, until the fire burns through a wall and one of the fuel cells that power the hotel becomes visible and Bond sees it and grabs the girl as the fuel cell explodes, creating a hole in the building that our hero and the girl walk through unscathed.

No…..he thought Judi should have worn a coat.

It’s cold in Russia.

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