>Makes A Gay Heart Proud


from KansasCity.com
Now this story comes from Kansas; one of those square states, in the middle. And a lot of times those square states get a bad rap because of their politicians and churches and such. But in a little spot of heaven, called Prairie Village, a group of high school students–yes, high schools students–stood toe-to-toe with Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church of Hate and his legion of Haters.
These students, from Shawnee Mission East High School, which has a Gay and Straight Alliance at the school, and even elected a young gay man as homecoming king in 2007, filled three corners of an intersection and kept Phelps and his lot of morons confined to just one corner.
These are kids, people; well, not kids in that old school sense of the word. They are young bright men and women, gay and straight, who won’t take hatred for another minute. Their signs tell their stories; their hearts tell their stories. Reading those signs makes this gay heart proud.
These young people in Kansas are the future, and it’s looking pretty good.
I was reading somewhere the other day, that it’s the fifteen-year-olds who are the most gay-friendly of the next generation. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us, even those pretty far removed from fifteen, could stand together and shout down Fred Phelps and Sally Kerns and the Mormon Church and the Pope.
That’s my idea of heaven.



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4 responses to “>Makes A Gay Heart Proud

  1. >They are definitely a more open generation. In all my years of coaching kids in academic teams I only had a problem once. One young fellow, who was gay, was worried about suggesting that he sing in part of our skit. He was worried he’d get teased by the other boys on the team. Those boys weren’t there at the time, or he would have never brought it up, but all the girls were – so I said, ‘If they tease you I will hang them from the cherry tree by their testicles.’ The girls gasped and laughed and I *knew* it would get back to the other boys. No more problem.

  2. Bob

    >That is a fantastic story!i bet those other boys were scared ____less of you!

  3. Joy

    >Way to go, FP! LOL This gives us hope for the future!

  4. >Great post! only a few more years… I just keep repeating that to myself.Then all of this hate and bigotry will be replaced by love and acceptance

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