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>You Don’t Have To Be Straight To Be A Homophobe

I don’t watch Survivor too much, but I do like the fact that they have a wide-variety of people on their ‘show.’ All kinds of gay folks–some are even a bit deceitful on the show, some are big out proud flamers, and some are quiet and keep to themselves–but it shows that not all gay people have to walk alike and talk alike and look alike or act alike or dress alike.

This isn’t The Patty Duke Show.
Man, I’m old! A Patty Duke Show reference? Seriously.

This season’s Survivor: Tocantins has a gay contestant, and in an interview with Reality Blurred, Spencer Duhm talks about his “embarrassment” over last season’s gay contestant Charlie Herschel’s bromance with straight contestant Marcus–a friendship which Charlie has claimed the show’s producers edited to heighten romantically.

Spencer Duhm–does it rhyme with dumb ‘cuz it should: “First of all, I’m not crushin on Marcus. I understand, first of all, you can do whatever you want, but, have a little discretion, he’s straight. Like, leave the man alone. Ugh. It just baffles me. Every time he opens his mouth it’s just like ‘I love Marcus, Marcus is great. I feel protective when he’s around. I feel nervous when he’s not around.’ It’s kind of like alright you have a serious crush on him. This isn’t jokin. Stop. Just stop. I’m embarrassed for him. I know he’s gotta be sitting at home embarrassed, red-faced.”

Charlie should be embarrassed because of a friendship he made? With a straight guy?
Spencer? Honey? You need to sit down for this one, m’kay.

See, Spence, gay men and straight men can be friends. Really! It’s been done! I have straight male friends. Scary, I know! But it happens. Charlie may have had a crush on Marcus…and so what if he did…or the producers would have edited it to look like there was some man-loving on Charlie’s mind. Who cares? Can’t a gay man be just what he wants? Can’t we all just be what we want without gay idiots like you flappin’ your limp lips and proclaiming your embarrassment?

It’s called self-loathing, Spence. Look into it.

But seriously Spencer, you’re a dumbass. How can the gay community expect to be openly accepted and treated equally when gay-homophobes like yourself bash a gay man for what he says, and what he feels. I know you’re only nineteen, but seriously honey, lose the stupid.

But then you went and said this: “I don’t like come across like most of the gay guys but I am, so I’ll probably be like—but then again, JP was gay and nobody knew that on the show; he was about the straightest I’ve ever seen. … But I won’t be Todd, I surely won’t be Coby. I won’t be Charlie. Holy shit. I talked to my parents and I was like, ‘Mom, do I sound like that?’ she was like, ‘Sweetheart, no, I would never let you go out in public if you sounded like that.’ Thank God.”

Thank God? Really Spencer. Don’t you get it? You’re a gay basher…a verbal gay basher. Gay men, straight men, women, lesbians, black, white, Chinese, we all have different ways of speaking, different affectations, differences, and until you can accept those differences, Spencer dear, you’re going to fit into that mold that spews out homophobia, that says something is wrong with you if you lisp, or act effeminate, or have a crush on a straight guy.

If being gay meant I had to fit the mold you’ve made for yourself, I’d turn in my Gay Card, give back the Coming-Out-Toaster-Oven, and keep to myself, with my mouth shut.

You should try it.



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>Courage Campaign



go here: Courage Campaign

This video is a bit of a tearjerker.

Seeing the faces of these people who only want one thing, to marry the person they love, is heartbreaking. Because they fought for the right to marry, they won the right to marry, they did marry, and now people are trying to nullify those marriages.

The one sign, “Please don’t divorce my son and son-in-law” reminds me of my mother. After I’d moved to Miami to be with Carlos, we returned home to California to visit my family. One day one of my mother’s friends was by to visit. She had once told my mom–before she knew anything about me–that she didn’t like gay people.

My Mom told her I was gay.

She laughed and said that I seemed normal enough. Little did she know.

But on the day that she came by my Mom and Dad’s house, when Carlos and I were visiting, my Mom introduced Carlos as her son-in-law. I don’t think there are too many things in the world that ever made me happier.


Anyway, go to the Courage Campaign website and you can sign the petition to stop the California Supreme Court and Ken Starr from nullifying over 18,000 marriages,

It’s a good thing.


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>Thurgood Marshall


There are those who say that Thurgood Marshall was America’s leading radical and I think he may have liked that title.
As a justice on the US Supreme Court, he led a civil rights revolution from the 1960s to the 1990s, Marshall is less well-known today than Martin Luther King Jr–who preached for a non-violent end to racism–and Malcolm X–who chose a more violent route to fight discrimination. Thurgood Marshall, worked with, and through, the court system to end the legacy of slavery and destroy the last fragment of the Jim Crow laws; Marshall had a profound and lasting effect on race relations.

Although Thurgood–born Thoroughgood–Marshall on July 2, 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland, was the great-grandson of a slave, he graduated valedictorian from Howard University Law School in 1933, and soon began to represent civil-rights activists, becoming counsel for the NAACP in 1938. Over the next 23 years he won 29 of the 32 major cases he undertook for that organization, several of which set constitutional precedents in matters such as voting rights and breaking down segregated transportation and education.

President Kennedy named him to the US Court of Appeals, a seat he finally took despite the resistance of Southern senators, and where he served from 1962 to 1965. President Johnson appointed him US solicitor general, and then to the US Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American to hold such an office, sitting on the court from 1967 until 1991, and consistently voting with the liberal block.

Marshall ended legal segregation in the United States. He won Supreme Court victories breaking the color line in housing, transportation and voting, all of which overturned the ‘Separate-but-Equal’ status quo of white America. Thurgood Marshall won the most important legal case of the century, Brown v. Board of Education, ending the legal separation of black and white children in public schools. That decision ignited the 1960s civil rights movement, saw in increase in the numbers of black high school and college graduates, and gave rise to a black middle-class.

As the nation’s first African-American Supreme Court justice, Marshall promoted affirmative action as a remedy for the nation’s history of slavery and racial bias. Marshall made it clear that, while legal discrimination was over, much work needed to be done to see to it that chasm between what it meant to be white in America, and what it was to be black in America, would no longer be such an issue.

And though he worked on behalf of black Americans, Marshall also created new protections under law for women, children, prisoners, and the homeless. For Thurgood Marshall, true equality wouldn’t come only from the great orators, nor would it rise up from the violence others proposed; only integration, true integration, would allow equal rights under the law to take hold. Once this was the norm in America, then blacks and whites, men, women, gay, straight, could rise or fall based on their own ability.
Thurgood Marshall died in 1993.

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>To Quote Dan…..This Is Batshit Crazy!


The OctoMom, you know, 14 kids and counting, who doesn’t take welfare but uses student loans to pay for her kids, has created her own website, I think it’s called something like batshitcrazy.com–thanks to Dan over at 41North87West for the name.

Anyhoo, CrazyMom is asking for donations from the public to help her raise her kids because she doesn’t want to use welfare, or public assistance. She says she can do it on her own, or with a website asking for public donations.

Huh? What? Huh? Public donations? Public Assistance? Pot-Tay-Toe, Po-Tah-Toe.

And now Page Six is claiming that NBC paid Crazy some seven-figures for her interviews. I have seven figures for her and they’re all ZERO! Of course, NBC, home to that NutInterviewer Ann “Good Morning Matt Good Morning Meredith Good Morning Everyone In The News This Morning Good Morning” Curry, and Matt “Lemme Ask Yet Another Stupid Question” Lauer, is denying paying anything, but they have all sorts of loopholes to get around that.

Shame on you NBC for funding BatShitCraziness.

Then, as if that weren’t bad enough, it has come to light that CrazyMom was using Food Stamps–almost $500 a month–and Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters. Public aid will almost certainly be increased with the EIGHT new additions to her family. Again, she says she does it all herself without assistance.

Food Stamps ARE assistance, you Moron!

Plus, the hospital where the octuplets are expected to spend seven to 12 weeks has requested reimbursement from Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program, for care of the premature babies; the cost has not been disclosed but is expected to be several million dollars.

Way to go, CrazyCaliforniaHospital.

Just what we need to do in this country.

Fund Lunacy.

To quote Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, in that immortal disco classic:

Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is Enough Is



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>I Loves Me Some Wanda

>Wanda Sykes, who came out of the closet publicly last year at a demonstration in Las Vegas protesting the passage of Proposition 8, has been selected as the entertainer at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner in Washington on May 9. President Obama is expected to attend the black-tie affair at the Washington Hilton and to follow in his predecessors’ tradition by putting on a comedy act of his own.

‘The first thing I did when they asked me to do this gig — I made sure my taxes were paid,’ quipped Sykes, taking a dig at the withdrawal of former U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle from Obama’s cabinet due to unpaid taxes.

Here’s some Wanda, riffin’ on Prop H8 and bein’ gay on Ellen last Halloween; her costume is that of a Wall Street Banker, and she’s wearing her Golden Parachute.

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>Happy Birthday Chuck


Okay, so we’ll start this off by saying that Carlos is always trying to tell me what I should blog about. And I’m always telling him to get his own blog; but then I make a point of reading to him my most favorite quips and quotes from my blog. My new favorite, and with apologies to David, is AssCrackCarlos.
Or AssCrackCharlie, which what I call him when I Americanize him.
Or AssCrackChochis, because Chochis is an old family nickname for him.
So, imagine my surprise when he emailed me–yes, we live in the same house, sleep side-by-side, are around each almost constantly, but Carlos emails me–an article about Chuck Darwin that he wanted me to add to my blog. Again, I was indignant. How dare he tell me what to write about? If he wants to discuss Darwin, let him get his own little niche in blogland.
But then he signed the email like this:
Chochis cracked ass.
Well, I just had to write about Darwin. How could you turn down Chochis Cracked Ass?
So here it is:
The good people of London threw Charles Darwin a 200th birthday party at the Natural History Museum. Old school chums of Darwin, Larry King, Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, were all in attendance–I believe Joan was Darwin’s date the The Spring Fling.
The museum offered Darwin stamps, and the zoo offered free admission to anyone sporting a beard in recognition of his famous facial hair. There were folks with red beards, and black beards, gray beards; all beards get in free, whether real or fake, or married to Tom Cruise.
Katie Holmes. Beard. Get it?
Over 600 events took place, not only in the UK but around the world, yesterday to commemorate “Darwin Day” — the 200th anniversary of scientist Charles Darwin’s birth. But it was a particularly special occasion in his native land.
Chuck Darwin enjoys a special place in the pride of Great Britain, where his face is on the 10-pound note, er, bill. Note? Bill? It’s on the money.
And yet, amid all the celebration, there a note of skepticism. A recent poll in Great Britain shows that some 43 percent of all Britons believe in “young earth creation” — or the idea that God created the world within the past 10,000 years.
Yes, within the last 10,000 years! Dinosaurs? Pfffft.
Chuck would be pissed if he was still around today.
And an even greater percentage thought “Intelligent Design,” or the idea that evolution was not alone enough to explain the origin of some living things, was or might be true.
Not to make Chuck angry, but who’s to say this isn’t true?
However, none of those blasphemous polls took the wind out to the sails of the celebrants; the Brits love they pomp and circumstance, after all.
At Westminster Abbey, the final resting place for Britain’s great and good–does one have to be great and good, or can one be great or good–a solemn ceremony was held at Darwin’s tomb with Anglican prayers sung at the simple white headstone. Flowers and foliage picked from Darwin’s family home in southern England were lain at the grave.
In Christ’s College at Cambridge, where Darwin studied, the Duke of Edinburgh unveiled a bronze statue showing a young, intense-looking Darwin sitting on the arm of a bench. His great-great-granddaughter, botanist Sarah Darwin, posed next to the statue for pictures.
London’s Natural History Museum offered up “Darwin’s birthday soup” — a pea-based broth based on a recipe from Darwin wife’s cook book — along with the traditional birthday cake.
In tribute to Darwin’s work in the Pacific, the Royal Mail unveiled six jigsaw-shaped stamps carrying pictures of wildlife from the Galapagos islands — including the giant tortoise and the Floreana Mockingbird.
Britain’s Press Association news agency said no other non-Royal has had as many commemorative stamps released in his or her honor.
Those Brits love a shindig, Katie Holmes, pea soup and stamps.
Rock on!


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