>Avatar Bob

>I’ve always liked Joy’s avatar over at BabbleOn, and so when she put up a site to create your own, naturally I checked it out. It’s a bit addictive, but HERE it is.

And here are AvatarBobs:

This one I call Peace Bitch Bob–thanks to DavidDust for the name

This one Is TapTapTapBob

This one is SadMohawkBob or BadMohawkBob

This one is NerdBob

And finally we have DragPeaceBitchBob….which shows why I’d never be any good at drag, because I don’t see me losing the goatee….so that would make me CircusFreakBeardedLadyBob.



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7 responses to “>Avatar Bob

  1. >I kind of favor NerdBob but it don’t think Nerd fits it. Or YOU

  2. >DragPeaceBitchBob is a TOTAL BEEYOTCH, because I was going to post my drag avatar today – with the exact same hair (including the color), the exact same flower in wig, and the exact same >P, b hand gesture.You gotta watch out for Drag Queens, they can be some real sneaky bitches…XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  3. Bob

    >David, we’re too much alike.We could be a Drag Twin Sister Act!I see Vegas in our future!!!

  4. Joy

    >LOL Drag Twin Sister Act! Love it! These are all cute in their own way – different facets of Bob, but not Silent Bob. I can’t decide which I like best – maybe Peace Bitch Bob and Nerd Bob. See what I mean about how addictive it is?

  5. Joy

    >That puppy-looking one I had was getting on my nerves and the over-accessorized one was too much!

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