>Tallulah Belle

>Okay, so I have a wee problem on my hands. That green devil, jealousy, has raised it’s ugly face around our house in Smallville.

I’ve put Tuxedo on the blog. I’ve put MaxGoldberg–all one word–on the blog.I’ve even put Ozzo The Pocket Dog up in here.

But apparently, Miss Tallulah Belle was very upset that she didn’t have any pictures up–except for one way back when, early in my blog-o-mania. But she is not on Pouty Cat Sunday when Tuxedo was featured or on Even My Cats Are Gay when Tuxedo and MaxGoldberg did a little kitty porn.

So Miss Tallulah Belle has been posing every time the camera comes out, and today I decided to go all Annie Leibovitz on her furry behind.



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6 responses to “>Tallulah Belle

  1. >Why no! She isn’t a diva at all.

  2. >And that last picture is adorable!

  3. Joy

    >Cats have a way of letting us know! I love that first one with that expression and her paw raised. And yes that last one is adorable! Let her know she was praised (as she should be).

  4. >She is divalicious!XOXOXOXO

  5. >oh you aren’t ready for HER jelly!!!!DIVA!!!

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