>Good Thing We Prefer Abstinence In SC


Carlos works as an HIV counselor/educator, and he constantly runs into that brick wall of Abstinence Only programs, whether it be from the churches or the schools. These people do not believe that teaching responsibility, along with sex education, is the way to go.

Case in point:

Two 8th graders at Aynor Middle School have been suspended after they were caught having sex in the boy’s bathroom. A worker walked into the bathroom to refill a hand sanitizer dispenser when he saw a male and female, both 14 years old, involved in “inappropriate sexual contact.”

The two students have been suspended, and are subjected to a hearing to determine if they should be sent to an alternative school, or be allowed to return to their school on probation.

I have a suggestion.

How about telling these kids to spend more time in math class and less time strokin’ in the boy’s room? Why not sit these kids down and give them an education about sex and the repercussions of sex without protection…teen pregnancy…HIV…STD…AIDS?

Those aren’t exactly the kinds of letters Mom and Dad want you to bring home from school.

But we preach abstinence here in South Carolina because that’s the way the Bible Thumpers want it.

So I guess they don’t mind their children having children.


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10 responses to “>Good Thing We Prefer Abstinence In SC

  1. >Whatever happened to a teaching moment? Obviously the barn door is already open and the horse is out along with the cows, the chickens, the pigs and all the mice.

  2. Dan

    >Do not get me started! I beat it into my neices and nephews heads all the time. The ramifications of having unprotected sex is much bigger these days than an unplanned pregnancy. It doesnt help that that charlaton known as the Pope is going around spewing his nonsence!

  3. >look, abstinence does not work. get with the program people. Sex is healthy and normal! and kids ARE gonna do it! they have hormones raging through their little bodies and that’s all they think about! so mteach them to be RESPONSIBLE with sex. sheesh! doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figue this crap out.

  4. >There is a battle going on in RI over standardizing and codifying sex education standards for the entire state. One perennial wingnut, Chris Young says that sex education does nothing to curb sexual activity. Dipshit, that’s not the purpose, even thought curriculum does posit that abstinence is the only way to avoid pregnancy and diseases, though that isn’t 100% true either as far as diseases. I’d rather have kids informed about sex and all its benefits and pitfalls than ignorant of them. Young also castigated the assembly for taking God out of procreation. Um hey peaches, last time I checked biochemistry and genetics had more to do with it than any god.

  5. >That needs to change sex ed is important

  6. >You’re preachin’ to the choir, hon. I suggest these folks ask Bristol Palin how abstinence-only education worked for her. This issue infuriates me.B.

  7. >The right-(that’s what the call themselfs because there the only ones whom are right) believe young teens do not have sex.(Either by themselfs or with others). Which leads them on to other sex issues which they feel they are right on. Hmmm me thinks they are to preoccupied with sex.(maybe their the ones not getting sex)

  8. >when any issue at all hits the education eye,it becomes infinitely complex with endless participants, confrontations and withdrawals to think about it, and little if any effective resolutions for the kids involved. The machine is huge and once entered an issue seems to be elongated and litigated ad infintium. The buck simply never stops anywhere.

  9. Joy

    >This is a major rant of mine! When I retired, there were so many pregnant high school students and some with toddlers. It’s an epidemic that needs to be stopped. The US has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world.

  10. Joy

    >What background is required to be an HIV counselor/educator? Public health degree? Just curious. I always wonder about things like that.

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