>The Theory Of Gay Gentrification

>I saw this on Towleroad the other day and it made me giggle.

We’ve all heard the talk about The Gays moving into a neighborhood and turning it around, making it all purty and such. Well then, here’s the proof:

This is the Munsters house circa 1966.

This is the same house after the Munsters moved, or were cancelled.

This is the house today, home of Bob & Lee, the gay couple on Desperate Housewives.

See, we move in and bring the purty with us!



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4 responses to “>The Theory Of Gay Gentrification

  1. >Loved the Munsters. Interesting that they kept recycling the structure.

  2. >Recycling of sets goes on constantly. The interior of the home used for the series Bewitches gets used in a lot of places. Sure they update it a little but the underlying structure is the same.

  3. Joy

    >That’s interesting. Yep, intimidating us with all your purty, too! 🙂

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