>Brazilliance By Miss Ginger


Read this just now over at Miss Ginger’s place, The Fabulous Blog of Miss Ginger Grant. It’s fabulous, and so is she.
Brava, Miss G, brava!

Miss Ginger is feeling rather independant!
And that’s independant, not patriotic! I’m not feeling totally aligned to a country where a black man can be elected President, but 2 gay men cannot marry each other. I’m not feeling totally aligned to a state where a straight couple can do whatever they want in their bedroom, but if a gay couple performs their most intimate act, they are breaking the law. I’m concerned for my friends in Fort Worth, whose freedoms have been radically challenged by an overzealous police force who created a dangerous environment where none previously existed.

Our economy is in the toilet. We are struggling to control our borders. We’re fighting a war in which we have no vested interest. And a crazy Korean has a nuclear weapon aimed right at us!

Our “friends” in Europe mock us. The middle east hates us. And the far east takes advantage of our greed. We are fucking up the planet, fucking up the oceans, and fucking up outer space.

SO, tonight I’m going to paint my face, put on sunglasses and a hat, and drive to Tony’s Corner Pocket to finish getting dressed, because there will be cops and bad traffic all over the place, and I could get hauled in for driving in drag. We’ll do a show that will hopefully raise a few fists full of dollars to support a community health service that is badly in need of funding, and then we will go outside and watch a multi-million dollar fireworks spectacular paid for by Shell Oil. (Think about that the next time you pay for a tank of gas!)

America’s priorities are fucked up, people! So much for our government “of the people, for the people…!”

Happy Independance Day, GingerSnaps! How independant do you get to be today?

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One response to “>Brazilliance By Miss Ginger

  1. Joy

    >Wasn't that an excellent post? Frustrating, sad, and unfortunately true.

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