>My Two Cents On PR6, EP6

>This is not a recap. This is me spewing my own warped opinion because I have an incredibly high opinion of myself.
For the recap of all recaps, check out DavidDust.
Let’s go, shall we?
The challenge? Create a look inspired by a movie genre–can no one pronounce this word the same way–and create a character to go with it.
Let’s go:

Genre: Western
Character: Saloon girl; that’s a short story there, Sharin. Saloon girl.
My opinion: Well, to be honest, I was doing this look in my Mom’s bedroom when I was ten, with a negligee, a shower curtain and a pen with a feather on it. And, to be more honest, I did it better.

Genre: Western
Character: Her husband’s gone off to war and she’s left to run the ranch and protect the family.
My opinion: This is fabulous. Fits his story so well, from the shredded denim to the leather and the boots. I love it. And, really, it’s updated from what a western look might be, but it works.

Genre: Period piece
Character: Vampire bride about to marry a mortal; does she marry him and make him a vampire, or leave him at the altar to save his life?
My opinion: This is a killer, pardon the pun, outfit. Christopher, for being the one with the least experience, makes beautiful clothes, and this one utterly fits his story. And he gave us all this for $150. I spend more than that on wine just to get the inspiration to create a movie genre character costume.

Genre: period Piece
Character: 20’s flapper; another short story with no substance.
My opinion: It looks too safe; too, Oh yeah, 20s flapper, I get it. It’s a yawn. It’s too long. It’s too heavy. It’s too little and too :::::yawn:::::: huh?

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Character: One of three queens of the universe banned to an ice cave by her sisters.
My opinion: I don’t like Nicholas. His hair bugs me–I know, I’m shallow like that. But, this is an intriguing outfit, and I liked his story, although it looks a little Doily-glued-to-sheets really and I saw something like in Lord Of The Rings. But the judges likee and Nicky is the winner.

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Character: It was a mess. A lizard queen who comes to Earth and ends up a hot model, or something like that.
My opinion: I love Ra’mon, but this was a D-I-saster. He started one design, tossed it, and went with this. It looks like something i could do with a few scraps of green vinyl, a glue gun, and a dream. The judges really no likee even though they all agree that Ra’mon is very talented, and so he packed his knives and….I mean, the tribe has spoken….I mean, he was the weakest link….Look, he got the boot, all right. I’ll miss his apostrophe.

Carol Hannah
Genre: Action Adventure
Character: Did she say? I think it’s a character in an action adventure movie genre, but I could be wrong.
My opinion: It looks a little Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux with a little Halle Berry Catwoman tossed in; good, but safe.

Genre: Action Adventure
Character: See Carol Hannah
My opinion: See Carol Hannah.
Except for the fact that one was shiny and one was not, I didn’t see too much that was different. For next week I suggest Tim Gunn move Logan’s desk away from Carol Hannah’s to avoid wandering eyes and, well, outright copying of your neighbor’s work.

Genre: Film Noir
Character: A woman in a pencil skirt walking down a dark runway. I imagine.
My opinion: Althea’s good; this is not. It look like something I could pick up at Macy’s; film noir is slightly dark and dangerous. This is high class hooker in a low class motel. It’s a little too Sandra Bullock as The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold.

Genre: Film Noir.
Character: Woman in negligee who wraps a drapery panel around her as she looks through the house on the cliff above the sea for the detective she hired to find her husband but who fell in love with her went insane and now wants her dead. I think.
My opinion: What’s with the sheer drapes these ladies are wearing. Scarlett O’Hara did the window dressing as dress far better than this. But I like the nightie; I want the nightie.
Genre: Film Noir
Character: A 40s actress going to a Hollywood party where she has to wear a costume from the 20s. And, no, I didn’t make that up; she said it on the runway.
My opinion: Her two-decade mash-up was a single moment mess-up. Louise in real life dresses more film noir than this and she really blew it. I thought she should have gone home over the Apostrophe Man, but, well, I’m no Michael Kors. I’m actually more Nina Garcia.
That’s all.


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11 responses to “>My Two Cents On PR6, EP6

  1. >Wonderful recap!! I totally agree with you. This was a fun challenge and it really showed some creativity by some of the designers. I think the biggest news of the episode was that Logan is straight. I was going back and forth on this. I'm not totally convinced.

  2. Dan

    >I love the recap and you were right on. Chritopher should have won this one!

  3. >>I'll miss his apostrophe.<lololololol, me too!btw, good job.Louise should have packed her scissorsand gone.

  4. >For the most part, I agree. I thought Louise should have gone home, and Christopher should have won. And for all the talk with Nina's coffee girl and Heidi, the fabrics Nicholas used did not look more lush on my TV screen. I am losing faith in the judging panel. Or at least what is left of it.

  5. RAD

    >great recap….PR is good this season..lots of talent!

  6. Lou

    >PR6 hasn't even started here yet – must stop reading these posts, though are very entertaining.

  7. >How did we end up with 3 film noirs? I thought there was only sposta be 2 of each johnra!

  8. >Here is my back-story: I am actually a Recapper in my 20's posing as a Recapper in his 40's.As for my Jean-Ra, I have no idea…XOXOXOXOXO

  9. >to me they all look like messed up bedclothes out of a rags and tattered unkempt room. But I know nothing of fashion except when my suspenders ride my crotch too high.

  10. Joy

    >Good recap, Bob! I enjoyed it.

  11. >Don't you ever talk about Ra'mons work in that tone again!

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