>The Once And Future Asshat King

>I saw this yesterday at a couple of places and knew i wanted to comment on it….since I seem to have an opinion on everything. I even commented in response to Beth’s brilliant–as usual–post about Pat Robertson and his extreme asshattedness.

Pat said:
“I don’t really believe that homosexuals want to get married. What they want to do is destroy marriage and some of the other things that we have in our society. There’s been an outright campaign against the traditional moral values that have grown up in a Judeo-Christian culture. And they don’t want any, any hindrance to their particular lifestyle or their particular way of having sex…”

Let’s get the nasty out of the way first. Pat and his ilk, from Falwell to Swaggart to Bakker to Warren to Sally Kern are a little too obsessed with sex. It begs the question: are they getting any at all, or do they just want it like we got it?

Now, that said, these asshats, give us far too much credit. I mean, we are out to destroy marriage? And to top that off, we are also responsible for global warming and the economic crisis, we’re terrorists, and we have the ability to control the weather. I mean, lets all remember how The Gays actually made God send to a hurricane to New Orleans because we were having a party down there.

This makes me wonder if Pat and his Band’O’Loons aren’t on to something. I say we gays should stop marching, stop protesting and voting for what’s right legal and fair, and just go back in the closet……….to to don our Gay Apparel–to steal a bit of Christmas this October–and put on our Gay Superpower Capes and Utility Belts, Our Boots and our Rainbow Wristbands–because you know we love to accessorize–and simply take over the world!

Seriously Pat, you and your band of gay-sex-obsessed followers give us too much power. We don’t want to destroy anything, we just want what we were promised under the
Constitution of this country.



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9 responses to “>The Once And Future Asshat King

  1. >Who has time for this Secret Agenda?? Pat needs to read the bio you posted this morning. My gawd.

  2. >Love your take on it, Bob! And that graphic? Fabulous! XO

  3. Dan

    >Like John and kate, this nuttard gets way to much press. He and Fred Phelps need to hang out in the same compound and get their love for each other out in the open already!

  4. >The truth is as a minority we can barely get organized to fight for our civil rights let along destroying opposite sex marriage. And if that is what we are truly trying to do – why opposite sex marriage and not something else? Hetero's are doing a fine job on their own destroying opposite sex marriage.

  5. >I have almost finished the plans to glitterize the White House, rainbowfy The Capitol, and put a sparkling pink condom over the Washington Monument. Is everyone else almost ready with their part of the plan?Seriously though, I'd love the think that we could band together that flawlessly to accomplish something, but the reality is that doesn't happen very often. Sean is exactly right in pointing out that those who can marry right now are doing more than a great job of tearing apart the institution of marriage themselves.

  6. >I am constantly amazed at the concept of power some people have with us gays. Organize to take over the world? Have they never seen The Boys In The Band?

  7. >You did see that the Prop 8 case that's winding through the federal circuit is getting interesting. Judge asked the supporters of Prop 8 to answer a few questions. I answer them for the judge in the post at link.http://truthspew.wordpress.com/2009/10/16/suit-to-overturn-prop-8-is-getting-hot-in-california/

  8. >You know those braggarts aren't even worth the effort to raise whatever hair is left on my head! :)Everyone knows that things get better when the gays get involved. Those Right Wingnuts are just jealous because no matter how much they try, they can't make home values go up, and they'll never be able to tell which shirt to wear with what tie! That's why they always look, sound, act, and oftentimes smell (that dime store cologne) ridiculous. They are just irrelevant and don't even deserve our efforts, other than telling them all to shut their pie holes (that was for Beth!).

  9. >I would venture a guess that they do not get any :o)

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