>A Double Welcome….

>….to two new friends and followers of my lil ol blog here. First up,

Bucko aka Ken, who many of you may already know as the owner/proprietor of Bucko’s World, where the talk is everything from politics to sports to nature to……well, Ken talks about all sorts’o’stuff, and it’s all good. He just recently wrote a wonderful piece on giving back, and helping out and lending a hand. Good stuff. And he is also, as most of you may know, the spouse of my Evil Twin Beth, over there at the junction, the Nutwood Junction. So, go on over to Ken’s place and git yerself some edumacation. You’ll have a ball.

And let’s also say Howdy to…

Jadedj, of The Banquet of Consequences [I love that title]. He describes himself as an “unapologetic flaming Socialist-Liberal. Married and blessed w/two beautiful daughters who arrived in my life very late on” and his blog is thought-provoking and sarcastic and funny and, well, liberal, go figure. It’s just the kind of place you wanna pop into for some discusstifying and such. And so, for the love of all things blogworthy, go over there!



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3 responses to “>A Double Welcome….

  1. >Woot! Love the Petticoat Junction reference! >:]

  2. >Thanks for the shout out Bob, I know you and Beth have been linked for a while. I have added Jadedj to my follower list :o)

  3. >Welcome you two! I have read Beth blog before, and she's a sweety!

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