>The Gays Will Kill You

>I was visiting Lou’s blog the other day and she had posted a news story out of England, in which the Watford Borough Council banned parents from supervising their own children in public playgrounds, because they, the parents, have not undergone criminal record checks.

The council decreed that only council-vetted “play rangers” would be allowed to monitor children in two specific play areas in Watford while parents must watch from behind a fence!

I commented on Lou’s post that it had become official; I had now heard everything!

Then came this………

Up there in Maine where the marriage equality battle rages on comes one Pastor Dallas Henry of the Maine Family Policy Council. Seems the good pastor, and yes that is sarcasm, is so afraid of The Gays marrying that he has gone on record with the following statement:

“The enemy comes in and becomes “one of us” unless we are discerning. For example, the Homosexual activists have been very clever in appearing as normal families while hiding the diabolical acts they engage in on a regular basis. They have infiltrated some churches becoming leaders and even clergy. God calls it an abomination and so should we. The message was told ten times over “they are coming to kill you while you sleep, when you least expect it.”

That’s right, folks. The good pastor is telling people that The Gays will kill The Straights while they are asleep. and I don’t know which is more infuriating, that this idiot preaches such bile, or that his minions believe him.

And why is it that we are the “enemy” when all we want is the same rights and privileges guaranteed every American under the Constitution? I mean, wouldn’t “The Enemy” actually be the one who is trying to take away our rights? And, if so, wouldn’t the enemy then be Pastor Dallas Henry and his band of Mindless Hate Zombies?

Like I said to Lou on her blog, I’ve heard everything.

Or have I?


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5 responses to “>The Gays Will Kill You

  1. >No, you haven't heard everything. I fully expect the aliens from outer space argument next.

  2. >Please please let this be everything – but sadly I am sure something else will come along – sighs

  3. >Oh lawdy – are they Christians? If so – I think they missed the one teaching of Christ – love thy neighbor! Fear makes people say and act in odd ways!

  4. >I checked "the list" and Pastor Henry is not on it. I've added him. Seriously though, He places way too much importance on himself and his flock. They are dust mites on the proverbial bed, not worthy of anyone's attention.

  5. >So, I totally used this post to help write my own Canto for a Dante's Inferno project. I chose the ignorant, and featured Henry for it. Just wanted to say thanks! for writing this.

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