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In the Strange-But-True news, AKA I-Still-Think-They’ve-Got-Something-Up-Their-Sleeves news, the Mormon Church announced Tuesday that it supported proposed Salt Lake City ordinances that sough to protect LGBT residents from discrimination in housing and employment.
Now, before we go all forgiveness on their ass, let’s keep in mind that this same church funded hate in California, and sought to have two gay men arrested because they had the nerve to kiss in an LDS plaza.
And, let’s acknowledge that a church spokesman said this regarding the new ordinances: “The church supports these ordinances because they are fair and reasonable and do not do violence to the institution of marriage.”
Ah, there it is. Gives the gays a crumb, but make sure they know we will fight their right to have the whole pie.
The Story is HERE.

And, now for something completely ludicrous. And hateful.
A Greek man was visiting this country and got lost, so, he did what anyone would do, he sought out someone who might give him directions. What he got, instead, was a beating.
Reverend Alexios Marakis stopped to ask Lance Corporal Jasen Bruce for directions, and Bruce beat him to a pulp with a tire iron after chasing him down the street, later claiming that the man spoke to him in Arabic and grabbed his crotch. Oh, yeah, and for good measure, he also said the reverend tried to rob him.
Ah yes, Arabic and crotch grabbing. Definitely worth a beat down, wouldn’t you say?
Now, of course, that the story unfolds, Bruce is recanting his account of the Arabic shouting man, and he simply says he couldn’t understand Father Marakis.
A foreigner? Yes, still worth a beat down.
Welcome to America, where asshats can join the military and roam the streets beating up tourists because they don’t speak English.
That story is HERE.

Now, on to television news.
I loves me some Glee. I am an admitted Gleek. And I love the gay kid, Kurt, on the show, and his relationship with his tough-as-nails mechanic father. What I am not loving so much, is the about-face actor Chris Colfer, is taking regarding his own sexual orientation.
In October’s Advocate magazine, Colfer, without saying the words, admitted, announced, proclaimed, his gayness. When asked if he was as out in his high school as Kurt is on Glee, Colfer said, “Oh, no. People are killed in my hometown for that.”
But then, in another interview with USA Today, he says he won’t discuss his sexuality: “I try to keep up a mystery. As much as I give away of my personal life, the less people will believe me as other characters. I try to be private about it. It is what it is.”
What it is sounds a little like Colfer is trying to re-closet himself.
Now, I know he didn’t go all Ellen and NPH on us, with the “Yep, I’m gay” statement, but he did seem to acknowledge it in the Advocate and then decline to comment later.
It doesn’t set a good example.
If you’re gay, Come out!

And now, for a Piece Of My Mind.

There’s lots of talk these days about the LGBT community and how we have been wronged by the Democratic National Committee, given their lack of support in Maine and elsewhere, while asking us to help elect Democrats to office in other states.
There are those who suggest we take our money away from the DNC, and I, for one, think this is a good idea. And here’s why: when you tell me that you want to represent me, as a gay man, that you believe I should be treated equally in the country, with the same rights and privileges as every straight American, and then you take my campaign contribution and use it, not for me, but for whatever you think necessary, something is wrong.
So, DNC, I won’t give you my hard earned homo money. I’ll seek out specific candidates of any party who want to represent me, who want to make the LGBT community a fully equal part of this country. I will no longer give you my money to do with as you see fit, when it does not represent me.
It works like this: you cannot court me with sweet talk of equality and marriage rights, the end of DOMA and DADT, and then ignore me when I ask why you aren’t working on it. And that goes for you, too, Mister Obama. You called yourself my fierce advocate and yet, now, you’re not so fierce,. You ask me to wait. Be patient. My time will come. Well, Mister Obama, the LGBT community has been waiting far too long.
You say you have a lot on your plate right now?
I say, get a bigger plate.


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3 responses to “>The Gay News

  1. >Someone should tell the Mormon Church we are finished with the crumbs they dropped and want our wedding cake now. :)Father Marakis needs to kick some asses…in a lawsuit. Not that he would really do that.Chris Colfer has to be getting pressure from the network to be doing this. This sounds like standard studio PR bullshit.Bob, I agree with your put your money where your mouth goes rant. Sometimes, I really wish we could just take everything we ever created back, and leave the world with what they would have left. I shudder to even think of that world. Perhaps that's why the catholic church is trying to find alien life. They're trying to see if they'll take all of us away, so they don't have to deal with us. 😉

  2. >Bob, you know we see this differently. I don't think it's a good idea, but it will get people talking. However, the DNC boycott is speaking to their choir.The scary/interesting news is other groups (racial minority groups) have heard about this and pledge to donate more (not completely confirmed yet).I really hope this doesn't backfire

  3. >DANG! Thanks for posting the info.

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