>I just read that over $10 million has been raised via the text donations. Great news, but more is needed. For some other groups who needs goods and donations for the Haitian earthquake victims go HERE



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  1. >Some thoughts on this new twist of 'text donations'. When I first heard of this I thought – wow, they'll raise a million dollars for sure. Then I heard they raised 10 million. omg! And then I thought about all the kids who didn't really understand how the texting donation works and whose parents are going to open a bill next month and find….. the kids' hearts are in the right place but they can seriously screw up the family budget.Also, while I am at it, bless George Clooney's heart for planning on hosting a money raising event on TV – but do people have to be entertained to donate money? Do they have to wait until the 22nd to donate money.That's all.

  2. >I was lamenting my bank account & financial health & complaining to the Husband that we couldn't afford a new laptop or flatscreen TV… & then this tragedy put everything in perspective for me.

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