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>Anita Gets The HBO Treatment


HBO is developing a biopic of Anita Bryant, the nutjob who went off on the gay community back in the 70s. Like a homophobic Chicken Little she ran around the country telling people that “The Gays”were recruiting children.

Now 69, Anita Bryant, is a former Miss Oklahoma [so maybe that’s where the anti-gay stuff comes from] and a runner-up to Miss America; she was a fairly successful singer in the 1950s and 60s, and a spokeswoman for Florida orange juice.

But she is best known for her fights against gay equality.

Sex and the City creator Darren Star, who is gay, is set to direct and executive produce, while Chad Hodge is developing the screenplay. Hodge is said to be aiming for a “nuanced”portrayal of the Christian activist, saying Bryant is a “fascinating person on every single level.”

Bryant was born to a religious family in Oklahoma, became a beauty queen, and then a singer, and then was a celebrity spokeswoman for the Florida Citrus Commission: “Breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.”

I do a variation on that theme: “Breakfast without a gay man is like a day without sunshine.”

In the 70s that Bryant became a controversial figure when she began rallying against a Miami-Dade ordinance outlawing discrimination against gays, and the ordinance was defeated. It would not be reinstated until 1998–twenty-eight years later.

Bryant then lead a group called Save Our Children, which encouraged other cities to protest anti-discrimination measures, she claimed that gays would “recruit” children, saying “As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children…..If gays are granted rights, next we’ll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St Bernards and to nail biters.”

Nail biters? Seriously? That should have been the biggest clue that Anita had gone wingnut.

In response to the Save Our Children movement, gay bars across America boycotted orange juice, and Anita Bryant lost her Florida Citrus Commission deal and filed for bankruptcy.

A hater? Yup. A wingnut? No doubt. But still, quite the figure in the LGBT rights movement, because she stirred up our community and made us fight for equality.

The picture at the top was the result of being hit in the face with a pie at a news conference. Anita, in full holy roller mode, didn’t want the gay man who tossed the pie, to be arrested; instead, she sat there and prayed for him. her comment at the time, however,was more telling of her hatred than he Christian faith: “At least it was a fruit pie.”


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>John McCain Is No Man Of Honor


In 2006, Senator Grampa John McCain said the day that the military leadership came to him and said it was time to repeal DADT, he would seriously consider changing the law.

Um, Johnny? That day was last Tuesday.

That was the day that Admiral Mike Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates appeared before the U.S. Senate and said that they both agree that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be repealed. So, knowing what Grampa said four years ago, wasn’t it nice that he switched hi opinion now that the military leadership said no more DADT?

What’s that? he didn’t? he was even more vocal in his opposition to repealing the policy? A politician lied? John McCain lied. Prison Camp McCain told an untruth? Get-A-Marriage-License-To-Marry-The-Second-Missus-McCain-While-Still-Legally0-Married-To-The-First-Missus-McCain didn’t hold true to his promise? Nope, Grampa is sticking to his guns [I love it when a metaphor happens by accident] and still says the policy is effective and is keeping America safe.

In my mind, what it boils down to, is that John McCain is simply, purely, anti-gay. There is no other reason for man to say one thing four years ago, when the discriminatory policy was in place under an administration that was far, far away from LGBT friendly, and then keep reiterating that opinion when the President, military leaders and poll after poll suggest it’s time to end DADT.

McCain can posture all he wants, but, in my mind, with his steadfast denial about ending DADT and his refusal to even think about marriage equality, he is no friend of the gay community.

For another view of McCain’s idiocy, a brilliant view, check out Doug’s blog, running2Nowhere HERE. He does an amazing job dissecting McCain and his flaws in this issue.

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>Strange Bedfellows Indeed


As a regular visitor here at ISBL, you all know how much I loves me some politics; hell, even as a not-so-regular visitor here, you’d have to know I loves me some politics. In fact, I’ve even had people suggest I run for public office–well, not people so much, as those pesky voices in my head. But I digress.
I think: Me? Public office?
Then I think: Me? Liberal Homosexual, Pro-Choice, Anti-death penalty? In South Carolina?
Yeah, not gonna happen.
Then I hear about people like the Youngs, Andrew and Cheri. He’s kinda nebbishly hot, or nerdly lukewarm; she’s kinda uptight Stepford wife-ish. You’ve heard of them no doubt? He’s the one who pretended to be John Edwards’ mistress’s baby daddy, even though he was already married and the father of three. He even took a chunk of John Edwards considerable wealth for announcing to the world that he had cheated on his wife and fathered a child–something, by the way, that it took John Edwards years to do.
But the Youngs are all over TV now, promoting Andy’s book, The Politician, in which he basically trashes both John and Elizabeth Edwards, while painting himself and his wife as the proverbial “good people.”
Um, Andy? You announced to the world that you cheated on your wife and fathered a child. Not exactly “good people,” my friend. And, um, Andy, you took a healthy paycheck from the real baby-daddy for your lie; again, not “good people”. And you say you did it because you loved John and Elizabeth Edwards and, oh yeah, you hoped that John would become president and you might get some cushy cabinet post or ambassador-ship for your lie. Not.Good.People.
And, Cheri, honey? You don’t come off so sweet either. I mean, you knew about the affair and kept it from your friend. You knew about the baby and kept it from your friend. You moved the mistress into your own home so she could hide her pregnancy and never told your friend.
Yeah, you’re “good people” all right.
And then we have that other adulterer, Appalachian-Trail-hiking-Argentinean-woman-mounting-impeach-Clinton-because-he-cheated, Mark Sanford. And the lovely Jenny.
Jenny has a book, too; it’s called Staying True. In it, the lovely Jenny With The Coal Black Heart, says that Marky asked her for advice on how to handle the media when word got out that he was schtupping a South American woman. He asked her if she thought he should follow his heart to Argentina and live forever with his soul mate. She does write that she wished he’d kept those thoughts to himself, but she heard him say the words and she stayed.
Jenny Sanford discovered the affair back in January 2009 when she “happened” across a letter Marky had written to the mistress. She says she felt “gut-punched all over again” but she had to have known something was up when she was going through his papers in his desk. But then she learned of other, ahem, dalliances with other women when Marky gave an interview to the Associated Press.
The lovely Jenny says that Marky had admitted just the one affair up until that point, but now that the news was out, he wanted her advice on how to handle it. She doesn’t write about any advice she gave him; but she stayed.
And the lovely Jenny also talks of the days after the affair story broke, and how she had her attorney draw up a contract under which she would not reveal the affair if her husband would stop seeing his mistress. She writes that the governor refused, but she stayed.
This is politics in America, people. A dirty business.
People lying about having affairs they never had, and people having affairs and then lying about them. People using the immorality of others to further their own political agenda, either for money or power; people using their friendship and trust of others to ask then to put their own lives, and marriages, and families, at risk; people who seeks to put their marriage into a contract of what they will and will not say, in exchange for a little fidelity.
Yeah, I loves me some politics, but I don’t love many politicians, or their spouses.
Democrat or Republican.
It isn’t about service for people like the Edwards and the Youngs and the Sanfords, and others, it’s about greed and power, and living a life not being held accountable for your actions. Now, I’m not saying that all politicians are corrupt or immoral or just plain stupid, but the percentages do seem to get higher when you run for office.
So, I’ll stick to writing about politics, and keep my sense of self-worth, my ethics and my morality close to home.


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>This Just In From Maryland: DOMA Bill Killed In Committee

>I received this email last night from Senator Richard Madaleno of Maryland:

As you may have heard, earlier today the House Judiciary Committee voted to kill HB 90 by a vote of 12 to 8. HB 90 is the DOMA bill that would have prohibited recognition of same-gender marriages from other states. It was designed to pre-empt the long-awaited opinion on this issue which I requested of Attorney General Doug Gansler last May. Surprisingly, there was no debate on the bill.

The twelve votes to kill the bill (votes FOR equal recognition of same-sex marriages) were cast by Democratic Delegates Samuel Rosenberg, Jeff Waldstreicher, Kathleen Dumais, Susan Lee, Jill Carter, Todd Schuler, Victor Ramirez, Benjamin Kramer, Kris Valderrama, Frank Conaway, Curt Anderson and Luiz Simmons.

Those voting against marriage recognition were Delegates Kevin Kelly (D-Cumberland) and Gerron Levi (D-Bowie), with the remaining “nay” votes cast by Republican Delegates J.B. Jennings, Don Dwyer, Susan McComas, Michael Smigiel, Tony McConkey and William Frank.

Two members did not vote including one, Delegate Ben Barnes (D-College Park), the lead sponsor of the Marriage Equality bill, who had a scheduling conflict. Thus, this vote demonstrates that we have 13 solid votes for equality on this key committee. I was also very pleased that my District 18 colleague on the committee, Delegate Jeff Waldstreicher, was a leader in the effort to kill this bill.

However I am concerned that the fight on out-of-state marriage recognition is far from over. We are still awaiting the Attorney General’s opinion. Should it be favorable, I am certain that our opponents will pull every trick they can think of to get the DOMA back into the picture. We will need to keep up the pressure to make sure that every attempt to bring up the DOMA is resisted.

You can help do your part by attending Equality Maryland’s Lobby Day in Annapolis this Monday, February 8 and letting your legislators know that you expect them to vote against any motion that would undo the Attorney General’s hopefully positive decision.
Along with ten of my colleagues, I submitted today the gender identity antidiscrimination bill which will be formally introduced on Friday. The rally will also focus on support for this important and long-overdue measure.

Thank you for your continued commitment to equality.


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