>John McCain Is No Man Of Honor


In 2006, Senator Grampa John McCain said the day that the military leadership came to him and said it was time to repeal DADT, he would seriously consider changing the law.

Um, Johnny? That day was last Tuesday.

That was the day that Admiral Mike Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates appeared before the U.S. Senate and said that they both agree that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be repealed. So, knowing what Grampa said four years ago, wasn’t it nice that he switched hi opinion now that the military leadership said no more DADT?

What’s that? he didn’t? he was even more vocal in his opposition to repealing the policy? A politician lied? John McCain lied. Prison Camp McCain told an untruth? Get-A-Marriage-License-To-Marry-The-Second-Missus-McCain-While-Still-Legally0-Married-To-The-First-Missus-McCain didn’t hold true to his promise? Nope, Grampa is sticking to his guns [I love it when a metaphor happens by accident] and still says the policy is effective and is keeping America safe.

In my mind, what it boils down to, is that John McCain is simply, purely, anti-gay. There is no other reason for man to say one thing four years ago, when the discriminatory policy was in place under an administration that was far, far away from LGBT friendly, and then keep reiterating that opinion when the President, military leaders and poll after poll suggest it’s time to end DADT.

McCain can posture all he wants, but, in my mind, with his steadfast denial about ending DADT and his refusal to even think about marriage equality, he is no friend of the gay community.

For another view of McCain’s idiocy, a brilliant view, check out Doug’s blog, running2Nowhere HERE. He does an amazing job dissecting McCain and his flaws in this issue.


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