>I Didn’t Say It


Lt. Dan Choi, on handcuffing himself [again] to the White House fence:
“We are handcuffing ourselves to the White House gates once again to demand that President Obama show leadership on repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ If the President were serious about keeping his promise to repeal this year, he would put the repeal language in his Defense Authorization budget. The President gave us an order at the Human Rights Campaign dinner to keep pressure on him and we will continue to return to the White House, in larger numbers, until the President keeps his promise to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ this year.”

Clay Yarborough, Florida City Commissioner, on why gays, Muslims, and atheists should not be allowed to hold public office:
“I would say that when I read Romans Chapter 1, I see striking resemblances between where Rome was just prior to its fall in comparison to where America is today. There are striking similarities in what we allow in our societies. Rome did not fall from an outside attack, whether it was military or otherwise. It fell from within because it was morally bankrupt. And I believe we have been treading in that area for a while and the more that we do not embrace that which honors the Lord, we shouldn’t be surprised if the blessings do not continue on our land.”

Neil Patrick Harris, on Rupert Everett’s assertion that openly gay actors are not successful:
“With all due respect to Rupert, you can blame a lack of advancement in your career on all kinds of things, for a myriad of reasons, so I don’t think he can specifically pinpoint one reason why something might be stalling for him. But I was proud to know that he was who he was.”

Grace Jones on Lady Gaga:
“I really don’t think of her at all. I go about my business. I wouldn’t go to see her. Yes, she did [ask me to record with her], but I said no. I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

Lt. Dan Choi, promising more actions against the Obama administration:
“Last week’s hospital visitation directive is a welcome, but small step. Long gone are the days when will we accept crumbs and politely smile as if we were served the entire meal. We are tired of waiting. We are tired of seeing our money and our support go to politicians who promise us everything yet give us only small token gestures in return. We will continue confronting our elected officials, including President Obama, with direct action demanding that they fulfill their campaign promises to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

Leonard Nimoy, on retiring:
“Countless times, I thought it was done. I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years. I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time. I want to get off the stage.”

Reverend Dallas Henry, on why God hates us for electing Barack Obama president:
“On 9/11 terrorists turned planes into missiles. The next day the late Dr. Jerry Falwell said, ‘We’d better realize that God is removing His protective hand from this nation.’ And then he specifically cited our national sins of abortion and homosexuality. The liberal press absolutely crucified him. We rarely see such a vicious attack as he endured. But he was right. And God is now using our current administration to give us what we have been asking for. It’s change, and we are finding out it is not change we can believe in.”


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4 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It

  1. >Wow, Grace! I didn't know anyone could bend their head back as far as to kiss their own ass. Very talented, Indeed!See that pinky finger in your mouth? GaGa has more talent in hers than you have in your entire body. SUCK IT!

  2. >I agree with Grace and love her! GaGa is good – but she she does not strike me as original – it's a different time and I guess pop media are looking for the next big thing and they seemed to have found it in GaGa!

  3. >Good grief, that Clay Yarborough looks gay. I'm sure he's one of those closeted Repubs who constantly condem gays, and then we find out later that he gets caught with his pants down (literally) with his boyfriend.I would bet money that he's one of those men who wear women's panties under their 3-piece suit.

  4. >Love Grace, and Dan… not sold on him yet

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