>I Didn’t Say It…..


Cyndi Lauper, on being called a gay icon:
“Don’t call me that! Sometimes the icon thing, it sounds frivolous… I’m not Streisand, I’m not Liza Minnelli. I don’t even dance. I tried doing that once at the Gay Games in 1994, but the shoes alone made that hard….I [always] thought of the gay community as a refuge to get away from, well, straight people, actually, who kept asking, ‘Why are you so different?’ and I couldn’t take it any more.”
But ya’are a gay icon, Cyndi, because of all that you do, and are, for the LGBT community.
In fact, I think you’re a fabulous role model for all people as well.
Just sayin’.

Bristol Palin, on a career in acting, and her guest starring on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:
“I was definitely nervous [shooting my scenes]. This is intimidating. I had a great time. But, I wasn’t that prepared because I started practicing the lines the morning of the shoot. I don’t think I want to do more acting. I don’t think acting is my niche. I don’t want to be an actress.”
Sounds like young Bristol learned how to prepare for something the same way her mother does: wait until the last minute and hope you don’t blow it.
But you did. And, speaking of mama Dimwit….

Sarah Palin, on Ronald Reagan and his glorious college years:
“This is Reagan country, and perhaps it was destiny that the man who went to California’s Eureka College would become so woven within and interlinked to the Golden State.”
Yeah, um, Sarah?
One problem, dumbass.
Reagan went to Eureka College, all right, but it was Eureka College, Illinois!
And, um, dimwit, there is NO Eureka College in California.
I soon expect a Craig’s List ad for a fact-checker.
Or a comment about how the lamestream media is after her again when she’s done nothing but be a good Republican fucktard.

Joan Rivers, on growing old and dying:
“Look, the whole idea of this movie is my reinventing myself. Did I do it? No. I’m the same person, but now I own it. I never used to admit my age. Now I do. You asked me about death. I’ll tell you how I want to go. On stage in the middle of a set. I just want to fall off the stool in the middle of a one-hour routine. I have written instructions that I am not to be resuscitated unless I am capable of doing 60 minutes of stand up. Oh wait. I should fall off the stool after 31 minutes because they don’t pay you unless you do at least 30 minutes.”
My guess is that would be one helluva show!

Ian Somerhalder, on using green, clean energy to power film sets:
“It takes a lot of power to run a movie set. We go through a lot of fuel.It’s harmful, and we can start changing that a little bit. We can get rid of these noisy, stinky, disgusting gas generators. There’s going to be a lot of thought that goes into this revolution that’s going to happen. We’re dealing with California Transportation Department, we’re dealing with the Department of Defense, we’re dealing with disaster relief — but we’re also dealing with the entertainment industry. We’ll be taking major productions green, like big concerts and music festivals. Greening the ‘Vampire Diaries’ set is a priority for me, which we’re going to be doing this year.”
Hot, sexy, environmental? Marry me!

Reed Cowan, director of 8: The Mormon Proposition, on abolishing pride celebrations:
“I would like to propose to the entire worldwide gay community that they cancel gay pride events until we have marriage equality. All those thousands of people who go to gay pride, those are bodies that could put on a shirt and go into the neighborhood and tell their story. We should wait until we have equality to have our party. In the meantime we volunteer the same passion and air miles and participation and really channel that same participation into our fight for equality.”

I can imagine that Pride celebrations would have a great deal more significance if we waited, but each year we become more open, more vocal, more equal, so we always have a reason to celebrate.
Plus, admit it, we love a good party

Brian Burke, Toronto Maple Leafs general manager, who is marching with PFLAG in Toronto’s pride parade, on his son, Brendan, who was killed in a car accident last year:
“The best thing about when Brendan told me he was gay, I didn’t have to take anything back. I hadn’t made any derogatory comments about gay people, I hadn’t told him they were sick or twisted or God would punish them — some of these absurd things that people say about homosexual people. I didn’t have to take anything back. I said it to him. We were both in tears.”
Shining example of what fathers can, and should, be.

Jeb Bush, sticking for his brother against Obama’s remarks that this state of our union is Dubya’s fault:
“It’s kind of like a kid coming to school saying, ‘The dog ate my homework.’ It’s childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility. This would break his heart, to get advice that applies some of the lessons of leadership my brother learned, because he apparently likes to act like he’s still campaigning, and he likes to blame George’s administration for everything.”
Let’s see if I can get this, um, for lack of a better word, straight.
Two wars started by……W.
Economic mess begun under the watch of……..W.
W is an idiot.
Jeb is an asshole.


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5 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It…..

  1. >Sarah Palin – oh, no, she didn't?!?!?!LOLOL! I hadn't heard that.

  2. Joy

    >Good ones! Perfect photo to go along with what Jeb said. Good grief!

  3. >WOW Bob, you really gave us a lot of food for thought. Good stuff, happy 4th.

  4. >Cyndi – from that flashy 80's pop star to gay icon. On her second album True Colours she made a completely different album from the poppy and fun "Girls"….I like her and she is inspiring!Sarah Palin on the other hand is none of the above – does she really know what she is talking about – she seems narrow minded and really out of tune with….well…..just about everything!

  5. >OMG! Did Bristol Palin think that liberal acting thing was easy? Hahahaha. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?And nope, there's no Eureka College. But there's a notorious state college called Humboldt and I doubt Reagan ever attended a class there.Happy 4th, Bob!

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