>Top Chef: I Cooked Up Some Thoughts


Just some random appetizers on last night’s show:

Arnold got the Last Weeks Winner/This Week’s Loser Edit from the moment the show started, so I wasn’t surprised he was sent packing. But, after Lynne’s refusal to cook the pasta until the last second–which is what ruined their dish–I was thinking, and hoping, he’d pack his knives in Lynne’s neck and then go.
Tamesha getting the 10K was lovely. She’s stepping out of the Middle-Of-The-Pack-So-No-Screen-Time squad. And Tiffany is, too; at least I think she is because I now remember her name.
Amanda playing the Poor-Me-And-Stephen-Nobody-Thinks-We’re-Good sad song. No, honey, it isn’t that they don’t think you’re good, it’s that they don’t like you.
Alex and his new role as top Chef Perv. Was I the only one who thought his comment about using his 10K if he won–which he didn’t–on a whore and an eight-ball just a little off-putting? And his comment on how he doesn’t so much cook for babies as try to make babies? Ick. Especially when you realize that when Alex tries to make babies he’s usually alone, with soft lighting an an old stiff towel nearby. TMI.
Mike Isabella as one of the guest judges? Talk about scraping the bottom of the saute pan for the crusty bits. Misogynist fuck. And his comment that he liked the hummus inspired dish because he has hummus on his menu? Who the frick cares you asshat? I know, go figure, I still don’t like Mike.
And Angelo’s painted on smile when he realized maybe Kenny would go home was kind of evil and sick. His lack of using his low sexy voice this week was also sick, and evil. And it was sick how he was flirting with Tamesha. I may be getting over my Angelo.
Mainly because we had Bryan Voltaggio talking about the gnudi and all I could think of was when was he going to get gnudi? Stop snarling, you knew that was coming.
I loved Tom Colicchio’s indignation at the fact that one of the cheftestants used canned beans. I was certain he was gonna leap over the table and go after them a la Joan Crawford: No canned beans EVER!!!!!!
Still, I was sad to see Arnold go. I don’t get that while the judges thought his dish was fantastic, except for Lynne’s undercooked pasta, that they chose Kenny and Kevin, who had no juice on their ribs–I will make no sexual joke here–and there was little to no horseradish in the tempura, which, for me, is cardinal sin one.

I sometimes don’t get the judging.


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3 responses to “>Top Chef: I Cooked Up Some Thoughts

  1. >I think we have only seen the tip of the Alex psyco iceberg!

  2. >They missed all the components of hotel food – does it congeal well? does part of it run all over the plate? does it dry out in the half hour it sits in the delivery bah? does it send the guest running to the bathroom an hour later?

  3. Joy

    >Alex is a jerkish creep! Ugh! Gag! Why he couldn't have gone home?I was sad to see Arnold go but didn't want Kenny to go, so that wasn't good for me.

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