>Pattinson v Love


It seems that a movie on the life of Kurt Cobain is in the works, and one of those Twilight vampires was being talked about as playing the lead, and Courtney love, i.e. Mrs. Kurt Cobain, wasn’t having it.

It seems that Crazy, er, Courtney, Love shot down the rumors, saying it would be “stupid” and “just wrong” for Robert Pattinson to play the part.

Not much of a feud, though, because Pattinson actually agrees with Love, saying:
“I love Nirvana, but I love them a bit too much – I’d be embarrassed [to play Kurt Cobain]. I didn’t get offered it. For one thing, I’m too tall, and I can’t sing like him, I’m nothing like him. It’s ridiculous.”

And then, on Love’s protestations that it’d be stupid for him to be in the movie, Pattinson adds:
“You see all these comments, like from Courtney Love, saying, ‘What the fuck! He’s totally wrong for it’, and I’m like, ‘I fucking said no, you dick!”

Game on.

Screw that Team Jacob/Team Edward bull, whose Team are you on in this catfight?


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4 responses to “>Pattinson v Love

  1. >She just doesn't know when to shut up! And obviously she shouldn't be playing with scissors. Damn, look at that hair! Looks like a mullett

  2. >'Crack-ney' is just jealous of R-Patts hair.

  3. >Courtney needs to shut her pie-HOLE! She seems to have an opinion on everything and it is always negative!

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