>Really, Melissa? Really?

>Every once in a while you see something that makes you wonder What in the hell are they thinking? I saw just such a thing yesterday. See, Melissa, over at Shakesville, had this to say about Snookie, of Jersey Shore infamy:

I love absolutely everything about this picture, but mostly her expression, which slays me.This photograph is the Mona Lisa of our time. That is all.

Now, I’m not sure I necessarily agree–actually, I know I disagree–but I would like to be around 500 years from now to see if Snookie still has any resonance with any type of culture–modern, pop, trash–at all, like the Mona Lisa.
See, for me, Snookie isn’t this year’s Mona Lisa. She’s more of this year’s Dogs Playing Poker. And, not anything to do with how she looks, but just as a key to her place in pop culture.


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5 responses to “>Really, Melissa? Really?

  1. >Mona Lisa of our times – they must have a different picture of the classic, historic picture. That picture has absolutely no class! And the critic who said that – is just plain clueless.

  2. >How dare you besmirch Dogs Playing Poker. 😉

  3. >Har har har. LMAOROF, at her…and your rebuttal.

  4. >I would TOTALLY agree with you on this!

  5. Joy

    >I also agree! It also fuels my rant about people becoming famous for no reason whatsoever. It's making me crazy! (Gnarls Barkley soundtrack)

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