>California Refuses To Make Sense


In the Land of H8, there is growing acceptance of same-sex marriage. And, uh, No, I don’t mean South Carolina, I mean the original Land of H8, California.

Despite the passage of Prop 8 less than two years ago, a slim majority of California’s registered voters have apparently rethought their positions and now favor allowing same-sex marriage.

Oh, thanks sooooo much.

But, um, if you ‘d have thought more clearly back in Twenty-Ott-Eight, we could have been spared a very expensive court battle, don’t you know.

The poll’s results now show that 51 percent favor marriage, while 42 percent oppose it and some 7 percent can’t be bothered to form an opinion on equality. Prop H8, by the way, passed by a margin or 52 to 48, so these results seem to be a flip-flop of that vote.

But then you throw civil unions into the mix, and the number of those who favor same-sex marriage drops to 44 percent. So, more folks like marriage-lite than like marriage equality.

Poll Director Mark DiCamillo, believes the new Field Poll results suggest “there’s enough flexibility to move in either direction.”

No, the only direction it can move is toward voting for marriage equality; failing that it would remain just the same.


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2 responses to “>California Refuses To Make Sense

  1. >My state is so messed up. The further away you get from the coast, the closer you are to the Bible Belt and people that don't know my state's demographics don't realize this.

  2. >They like being controversial – unless their intentions change it's going to be a hard fight!

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