>As Americans, We Should ALL Be Ashamed


As of yesterday Lieutenant Dan Choi was officially released from the United States military for being gay.
Such a proud, proud day, America.
Now he joins the ranks of the other 14,000-plus LGBT American men and women who served their country, fought for their country, and protected their country, being unceremoniously discharged because of their sexual orientation.
Proud proud day.
Choi’s National Guard unit has notified him via mail and phone that he had been fully discharged and is no longer able to serve his country as an American solider.
According to Gay City News:

Choi lost his battle with the Pentagon on June 29 when his discharge from the Army under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was finalized. While Choi’s National Guard unit informed him by registered mail and with phone messages, he has not disclosed the action. He did not respond to an email seeking comment.

A proud proud day for all of America, all Americans, and for President Obama who PROMISED to end DADT upon his election, and still promises to do so to this day.


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7 responses to “>As Americans, We Should ALL Be Ashamed

  1. >It is totally beyond me why the US tosses people who are willing to serve in their wars, wars that may be ill conceived, a waste of precious lives and hideously costly – but still they serve their country. The military should celebrate them, support them and thank gawd for them.

  2. >This is just so wrong. Sad news.

  3. >I will NEVER comprehend our US policy on gay soldiers. They're willing to die for their country and the people they protect, but the people they protect take issue with their sexual orientation.It's all those repressed, crotchety old officers who are living in the stone ages that have a problem with it. I seriously doubt a straight soldier would have a problem with a gay soldier picking off an enemy combatant to save the straight soldier.

  4. >It's happening, but it's not happening soon enough. It is a national shame that someone like Lt. Choi was released.

  5. >I'm sad and pissed off at this news. Lt. Choi was passionate about his job as well as for equality and I'd be proud to have someone like him fighting for my country. And now it's not going to happen because of the Pentagon's continued bigotry.I don't know what's happened to this country. We used to be leaders and now we can't even follow other countries.

  6. >I'm struggling with this. I see 2 sides to this issue. Still processing

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