>If eyes are the window to the soul, what are these four furry children trying to say to me?



Tallulah Belle



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6 responses to “>Animalize

  1. >All I gots to say is don't turn your back on the cats. Ever!

  2. >this is cute, you never know what they really see

  3. >Max: If Bob doesn't get off my bed, I'll cut that bitch.Ozzo: Did I hear Max lay a kitty fart?Tallulah: This transgendered thing is not really working for me. I look like a big ol' diesel dyke.Tuxedo: Look deep into my eyes. You are going to feed me, you are going to FEED me.

  4. >What a cute post Bob! And I don't know what Tallulah Belle is saying, but is she on crack? Tha's one evil look. If looks could kill……. And I love your pet's names!. If Max Goldberg and my Buster Bolfig Borghese were friends they would sound like two old men talking in the park!

  5. >I love the pictures. I sometimes wonder what they're thinking, too….

  6. >Bob looks like they are all planning something. Be afraid.

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