>Could Elisabeth Hasselbeck Be Any More Obtuse?

>It appears that the gals on The View were discussing the idea that many, well, some, older women are coming out as lesbians these days. And why is that? Is it because societal mores forced them into the convention of marriage and once that marriage was over these women suddenly felt comfortable enough with their own sexual orientation to come out?

Not so, says Professional DimBulb Hasselbeck, who gave us her reasons as to why women come out as gay late in life:

“Older men are going for younger women leaving the women with no one.”

See? Since the men don’t want these women because the men want a young firm hottie with fake breatsages, the older women have no choice but to choose to become gay. Luckily Joy Behar was on hand top whip out a carton frying pan and beat Dimbulb over the head with it as she announced:

“That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry. Being gay is not just, you know, holding hands and walking through the tulips. There are things that people do sexually. I don’t think you suddenly wake up one day and say, you know, ‘I think I want to do that.’ You wanted to do it, but you were just trapped in a system that said, ‘get married.'”

Seriously, every time Hasselbeck opens her mouth, ignorance spews forth.



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6 responses to “>Could Elisabeth Hasselbeck Be Any More Obtuse?

  1. >That was one for the books? So it really is the fault of those politicians who traded up for trophy wives?

  2. >Good grief. I saw this episode yesterday, and I too couldn't believe Hasselbutt said that. I had to replay it 3 times to ensure I heard her correctly. Women are turning to other women because there aren't as many men available? Where does she get this shit? Ho hum, my boyfriend left me for another man, so I guess I'll have to date women now, because there are no men left to date. That is just ignorance personified.I honestly thought Hasselbutt was coming around a bit over the past few months, and now this?Anyway, the best part of the conversation was when Sherri said something inaudible and Whoopi put her hand up and said, "No, no, NOOOOOO!" Someone got put in check!

  3. >I did the same thing Corey, rewinding several times… I too thought maybe she was understanding a bit more in the past few weeks, but then this.. I too wanted to know what Sherri was saying when Whoopi interrupted…

  4. >I can't stand her. This is just another reason.

  5. >If she didn't have such a high profile, I'd say ignore the twit. She does this on purpose. She'll never change her colors.

  6. >I'm sorry, but I really can't understand why anyone would waste their time watching this program. I think watching paint dry would be more enjoyable. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

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