>Chile Just Might Get Hotter, If Fulvio Rossi Has His Way


Fulvio Rossi, the head of Chile’s Socialist party, recently announced to reporters that he planned to sponsor a bill to legalize gay marriage in the country.

In Chile.

Just like they’re doing in Argentina.

Responding to remarks from Chilean Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz who described the same-sex weddings in Argentina as ‘an aberration,’ Rossi said, “This is a project that I will present … and I am also calling on the Church to be more welcoming, and I say that as part of the Church.”

However, Sebastian Pinera, Chile’s first conservative president in two decades, has vowed to give more rights to same-sex couples, but opposes gay marriage.

Still, this amazes me. In these Latin American countries, so devoutly Catholic, so steeped in machismo, they still seem to be moving toward marriage equality, and yet here in these progressive United States we debate and argue and name-call.

Makes one want to move to South America.

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One response to “>Chile Just Might Get Hotter, If Fulvio Rossi Has His Way

  1. >I suspect it may have a lot to do with machismo Latin men who are on the down-low, and empathize with out gay men and women.They could be on to something there. But still, Latin America? That's almost as strang as Iowa. Whodathunk?

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