>NOM Goes To Iowa, And They Don’t Want ‘Em There


The Reverend Rich Hendricks, an openly gay Davenport, Iowa pastor is criticizing the National Organization for Marriage [NOM] in regards to a sign that showed up at one of its recent rallies displaying two nooses as the “solution to gay marriage.”

Hendricks, of the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad-Cities, said his denomination has issued a call for the anti-gay marriage advocacy group, to denounce the sign, saying, at a Stand proud, Vote Proud rally, “Iowans, do you want to support an organization that refuses to denounce lynchings as a solution to a problem?”

NOM’s Failed Summer for Marriage tour, and the pro-gay marriage Stand Proud, Vote Proud tour recently crossed paths in Sioux City, Iowa, where Davenport Alderman Bill Boom called NOM activists “out-of-state antagonists” who are building discrimination and hate in Iowa over the issue.

Boom cited recent reports that the marriage equality ruling has contributed to the number of marriages spiking for the first time in four years in Iowa. He added that in the past year, Iowa posted the lowest number of divorces since 1970.
“We’re doing something right,” he said.

Maggie Gallagher, NOM’s Minister Of Hate, said her organization had asked the participant at the July 26 rally in Indianapolis to remove his sign and called the participant “disturbed.” She said gay marriage proponents have been jumping on the sign incident to “blame the majority of Americans who believe marriage is one man, one woman.”

Wow. We have a lot of nerve getting annoyed by a sign that says, in effect, Kill The Gays.

Sorry we bothered you Maggie.

But, um, would you be annoyed if I carried a sign with two nooses on it as a solution for ridding the world of lonely, ugly, spinster women with mustaches?

I mean, that’d hit close to home, wouldn’t it MagPie?



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5 responses to “>NOM Goes To Iowa, And They Don’t Want ‘Em There

  1. >Or, we could actually listen to Jesus, who said, "All are welcome in my father's house." Let me think, who do all good CHRISTians follow again? Was it Leviticus from the Old Testament, or Jesus CHRIST from the New Testament, who clearly told everyone he came to replace the old testament with a new one because the old one wasn't working. But who am I to argue with a self righteous, overly pious, right wingnut Christian?

  2. >But, um, would you be annoyed if I carried a sign with two nooses on it as a solution for ridding the world of lonely, ugly, spinster women with mustaches?- PWND!!

  3. >I have Biblical justification for stoning my neighbbor the adulterer… & while it might seem like the right idea, I just opt to get stoned myself.

  4. >They need to end those tours

  5. >I think Christians keep missing Jesus's one commandment to follow – "Love thy neighbor". If they don't follow this they can't be a good Christian…..they have totally missed the point.Also – "Do unto others etc"….if gays or another organisation were to do this to them (as in deny human rights) how would they feel – they are a bunch of "haters" who pursue their cause with no one's name – only a sick ideal of how and what the world should be!

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