>Target Apologizes…..To Its Employees


Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel finally apologized Thursday over a political donation to Minnesota Forward, a PAC that backed conservative Republican for governor, Tom Emmer. The donation angered many in the LGBT community, the straight community, and Target’s own employees.

Steinhafel wrote to his employees to say that Target was “genuinely sorry” over the way a $150,000 contribution to MN Forward donation played out. Steinhafel said Target would set up a review process for future political donations.

As everyone should do, when donating money to any group or cause. Find out where it goes, and to whom.

Steinhafel said the contribution from the corporate treasury to a political effort, which until this year wasn’t allowed, was designed to support Emmer’s stance on economic issues, not social issues.

“While I firmly believe that a business climate conducive to growth is critical to our future, I realize our decision affected many of you in a way I did not anticipate, and for that I am genuinely sorry,” Steinhafel wrote. “The diversity of our team is an important aspect of our unique culture and our success as a company, and we did not mean to disappoint you, our team or our valued guests.”
Now, mind you, this was an apology only to Target employees, and not, directly, to the LGBT community, but I do think it has merit, and I do think we need to move on. Hopefully Target has learned that you cannot say you support our community and then give money to people and causes that seek to deny us basic civil rights.

We still, however, have not heard from other MN Forward contributors like Red Wing Shoe Company Inc., Best Buy Co., Pentair Inc., Hubbard Broadcasting Inc., Davisco Foods International Inc. and Polaris Industries Inc.

We’ll be waiting.


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4 responses to “>Target Apologizes…..To Its Employees

  1. >Target is breaking my heart

  2. >I learned my two grocery stores either don't do political contributions or do an excellent job of donating equally to both parties. That's where I'm buying my food and most of my household items now.It's too late for Target. They had two weeks to make amends and I'm still not feeling the love. And they made the best reusable shopping bags too.

  3. >On the one hand the apology was a good move and it reads sincere?…but also when making political donations, it is guided by sentiment and judgement – they is no equal contribution to both sides – but how can you just make a political donation on economic and ignore the social aspects as well…that does not seem to make target a good "Corporate Citizen:.

  4. >The silverlining to this story was the outrage it provoked and the number of letters Target received. Curious how HRC justifies maintaining Target's 100% rating. Clearly donations like the one Target made should be considered into their equation for equality rankings.

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