>I Ain’t One To Gossip, But…..


She’s made it quite clear that she has no intention of discussing her personal life, and whether or not she’s a lesbian, or not, so I ain’t sayin’ nuthin’.
I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.
Queen Latifah and her personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins spent their vacation honeymooning with newlyweds Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and ALLEGEDLY had a gay old time.

There was some major drama at The View this week when Whoopi Goldberg ALLEGEDLY attacked The Real Housewives of DC “star” and media whore Michaele Salahi. Salahi, and her husband Tareq, are best known as the White House party crashers.

It seems fameslut Salahi accusing Whoopi of “outrageous abuse” for grabbing her on the air, which, of course, is not at all what happened.

It seems Salahi was giving her side [read: lies] about crashing the White House last November but then she got off on a tangent about some other nonsense. Whoopi appeared from backstage and touched Michaele Salahi on the back and whispered, “Let’s get back to the White House.”

According to Lisa Bloom, the Salahi’s lawyer, because famewhores always travel with lawyers, Goldberg grabbed Salahi’s arm and said, “Move on, move on! Get to the White House!”

It was a few seconds of airtime but afterwards it was a feast of F-bombs and lies.

After the show finished taping, Goldberg, according to Lisa Bloom, ALLEGEDLY burst into a room Michaele was sitting in with Tareq and screamed: “I didn’t fucking hit you! Did you say I fucking hit you?”

Coming to his wife’s defense, Tareq Salahi instantly grabbed his Blackberry to FILM THE EPISODE. See, that’s what famewhores do, you film everything so you get another fifteen minutes.

The Salahi’s are Reality Show Fucktards.

I am in Gleek heaven.

The one, the only, Carol Burnett has been cast to play Sue Sylvester’s Nazi-hunting mother in an upcoming episode.

That’s right. Nazi-hunting mother.


Details of Burnett’s arrival are being kept under wraps, but I, for one, will have the DVR set.

Carol Burnett.

Jane Lynch.



Tom Cruise got a cut.

Not a hair cut. Not as cut in his lifts.

But, the unkindest cut of all.


Paramount has ALLEGEDLY lost so much faith in Tom Cruise after the disastrous showing of his latest piece of crap, Knight and Day, that they slashed the budget of his next ::::yawn:::: big action film.

Cruise has also ALLEGEDLY agreed to be paid “scale,” and only be paid if, or, ahem, when, the film makes a profit. Which, in the case of Knight and Day, it has yet to do.

Poor Tommy, his couch jumping, and wackadoo interviews, and marrying a girl half his age are finally taking the toll on his once fabulous, if one-note, film career.

File this under Taking Your Time To Sue:

A retired boxer, Mike Landrum, is suing Mike Tyson for $115 million because he says that Tyson ALLEGEDLY stole his nickname “Iron Mike.”

Twenty-five years ago.


Now, twenty-five years later you want to file a lawsuit? Perhaps Landrum was, oh, I dunno, in a coma the last twenty-five years or so? Perhaps, oh, I dunno, he never picked up a paper or turned on a TV in the last twenty-five years?

Or, perhaps he just needs the cash and figured if he sued for millions Tyson might settle for thousands.

But, and here’s the rub, Not-So-Iron Mike Landrum, Mike Tyson is ALLEGEDLY broke.

That’s right. No cash.

And Tyson is also nuts.

So, g’head, Landrum, try to get millions from the crazy guy.

Should be an interesting suit.

I loves me some DDL.

Brilliant actor. Brilliant.

And now comes word that DDL, er, Daniel Day Lewis, just might be co-starring opposite RDJr, er, Robert Downey Jr, in Guy Ritchie’s nest installment of the Sherlock Holmes movies.

And, DDL will be playing none other than
Holmes’ archnemesis Professor Moriarty.

Good actors.

Good director.

Good god. DDL + RDJr = My ass in a seat.

And in more television casting news, one of my favorite gays, Nathan Lane, will be coming to Modern Family this season.

Producers say that Nathan Lane will be playing Pepper–and I just love that name–the “ultraflamboyant friend” of Cam and Mitchell.

And when pepper comes on, mayhem will ensue.

Again, set that DVR.

That bastion of professional journalism, The National Enquirer–Hey! They broke the John Edwards story–is now saying that Roy Horn, one-half of the famous Las Vegas animal act, Siegfried & Roy, has been accused of sexually assaulting his male assistants.

Assistantsmore that one

One has already filed a sexual harassment claim against Roy Horn, and is planning a massive civil suit where you go for the money. And folks, like The Enquirer, believe the guy has a solid story because, of course, there’s a videotape of the ALLEGED harassment.

The ALLEGED victim claims that Roy Horn made sexual advances toward him, ordering him to “touch his genitals” and groping him repeatedly, threatening to fire him if he didn’t comply. The shocking video shows Roy doing just that to his male employees–again, more than one–fondling and groping and, well, harassing.

Perhaps Horn can pay off his victims in tigers, because if this is true, his career just might be over.

Those Real Housewives are complaining again.

It seems that all of the “real” housewives have had enough of being used by Bravo, and plan to fight back.

A friend, and by friend I mean someone who wanted to be on the show but wasn’t asked and now holds a grudge, says:

“They are pissed that they only get paid $3,000 to tape each episode and are furious that they get paid nothing to tape the reunion episode. It’s two full days of their lives with no lunch breaks and no pay. Everyone on the set is getting a paycheck except the stars. How can that be right?”

Poor gals, three-thousand dollars for twelve episodes, and all the fame, or infamy, they can handle, and, to top it off, they have to reunite and don’t even get lunch?

Call the authorities.

But it isn’t just their shows, and those food-free reunions that have the, ahem , girls pissed off. Bravo has ALLEGEDLY ordered the “Real” housewives from New Jersey to make an appearance on their Project Runway ripoff The Fashion No, er, Show.

None of the housewives wanted to be on ‘The Fashion Show,'” that disgruntled wannabe be said. “However, the network insisted they film all week for hours and hours, and to add insult to injury, they got nothing in return. Not even a thank you.”

But ALLEGEDLY the ladies of Atlanta came up with a bargaining chip, of sorts. They all got together before their last reunion show and agreed NOT to fight unless they got a pay raise. Now, it didn’t work, but the Atlanta reunion was so boring that Bravo is rethinking the way they treat these poor working moms and mediawhores.



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4 responses to “>I Ain’t One To Gossip, But…..

  1. >It's funny how Queen Latifa tries to go the Oprah/Gayle route but we all know what's going on. I wish she'd own up to it because in her case it wouldn't be a career killer. I think her recent movies have already done that.Mike Landrum will easily lose this case. We were calling former NFL coach Mike Ditka "Iron Mike" well before we knew who Mike Tyson was.I do not feel sorry for those housewives. For twelve episodes they make more than I do for a full year and an opportunity to take advantage of that fame. That's why I really like and respect Bethenny Frankel. She took that TV exposure and created herself a name brand, a business and a spinoff show. Smart girl.

  2. >Very interesting. I always just know that people are gay when they say they don't want to discuss their personal life. How stupid do they think we are? I mean, what heterosexual ever refuses to talk about their sexual preference? Only a person who fears some repercussions for their answers take the fifth on the questions. Come on Latifah, we got your back!

  3. Joy

    >I'm so tired of those "reality" shows about people I don't want to know anything about. When is it going to peak and run its course? Soon, I hope. Those housewives should have to teach school for that amount of money for a whole year of stressful work. Then complain to me about what you make an episode! I will definitely watch DDL and RDJr in that movie and totally love Nathan Lane! I enjoy these dishy posts!

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