>Isiah And Joshua Step Up


Jocks sometimes get a bad rap.

Not jockstraps, jocks, athletes.

There are some folks that think they aren’t so bright, that all they’ve got going for them is the ability to run with a ball, or something like that.

And there are people who think athletes are much more homophobic than the rest of us.

Not so with Isiah Thomas.

Thomas, and his son, Joshua have become the latest is a long line of celebrities and politician’s wives and daughters, posing for the NOH8 Campaign, adding their support to the fight for same-sex marriage and equality for all.

It’s good when anyone steps forward in support of equality, but it creates a larger impact when that support comes from a jock, or from a father and son.


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2 responses to “>Isiah And Joshua Step Up

  1. >I talk a lot of bleep about Isiah's abilities as a basketball executive (he singlehandedly killed the Continental Basketball League and the New York Knicks) but good for him and his son.

  2. >Hi Bob, thanks for your visit and comment! I love your blog…I think you are very brave and you keep me informed. Thank You!

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