>Forrest Gump Was Right: Stupid IS As Stupid Does


They say it was all in good fun, but the Secret Service is now investigating a Hellertown, Pennsylvania amusement company’s target-shooting game that challenged players to hit the heart and head of an image resembling President Barack Obama.

Yes. Come one. Come all. Blow the head off the president.

Severely idiotic Irvin Good Jr., the president of Goodtime Amusements, said he didn’t mean to offend anyone by offering “Alien Attack” at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Big Time fair in Roseto, but the game sparked a complaint.

“I guess we made an error in judgment, and we apologize for that,” said Good, who has had the game for about six weeks. “I voted for the man. It wasn’t meant to be him. If they took it that way, we apologize.”

Let’s see. It wasn’t meant to be the president. Okay, so the game is to blow the head off some random black guy? That’s just as bad. But the so-called alien in Good’s “Alien Attack” game is a black man in a suit, holding a scroll labeled “Health Bill.”

Black man. Health care. No, they couldn’t mean Obama. But the target also sports a belt buckle fashioned after the presidential seal.

Secret Service agents are looking into the game to determine if there were any direct or indirect threats to the president and will share their findings with the U.S. attorney’s office. Federal law prohibits anyone from knowingly displaying any print or likeness of the presidential seal, and violations can result in a fine and up to six months in prison.

Good said the game’s design, created by one of his employee’s, changes periodically and has already been changed to no longer depict the image of the man. Good said he should have realized it would create a problem, but that it only received one complaint; it wasn’t until a second person complained, however, that he took it down.

The second complaint came during the recent Roseto fair, which raises money for the local Catholic school. A spokesman for The Reverend Jim Prior of Our Lady of Mount Carmel said Prior would have pulled the game if he’d known it was there. But Kathryn Chapman, who visited the fair in late July, said she told the church about the likeness of Obama at the target game: “I couldn’t believe they would have a game where you could shoot any president….and that there were targets on his forehead and heart….You got a stuffed animal for becoming a sniper.”

Chapman spoke with both the operator of the game and Irvin Good, both of whom cited “freedom of speech.” Chapman said the last thing Good told her was, “I don’t care what you think.”

Actually, what Irvin Good doesn’t care about really is simple thinking. He doesn’t seem to realize the difference between freedom of speech and threatening the president. He also doesn’t seem to realize the difference between good, simple, fun, and a message of violence.


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4 responses to “>Forrest Gump Was Right: Stupid IS As Stupid Does

  1. >There's stupid and then there's dangerous stupid. I hope they read him the riot act.

  2. >Life is like a box of chocolate… you open it up & shoot a man that looks like the president.

  3. >Horrible excuse for this "game". I hope the government makes an example of him for expressing his "freedom of speech".

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