>Rule # 1: Never NEVER Piss Off A Queen


We’ve all had those days when you just want to go off on that moron on the phone, or the fool in the next cubicle, or the numbnuts screaming into his cell phone on a commuter train in Chicago [Hey Dan!] but how many of us actually do it?

How many of us actually get the shout a big F-U to our jobs and the jump on an inflatable slide and run away?

Steven Slater did just that. But then he got arrested for it. Guess the Big F-U came around to bite him in the ass.

See, Steven Slater is a flight attendant who, on Monday, had finally had enough.

He was working a JetBlue flight that landed at Kennedy at just around noon, right on time, oddly enough. And Steven Slater noticed a passenger stand up to retrieve his belongings from the overhead compartment before the crew had given permission.

Well, Steven Slater wasn’t having it. He instructed the person to remain seated and the passenger defied him. As Steven Slater approached, the passenger gave one final tug to his suitcase and yanked it out of the overhead bin, striking Steven Slater in the head.

Rightfully so, Steven Slater asked for an apology, but instead the passenger cussed him out. So, rather than engage in any altercation with the rude passenger, Steven Slater got on the plane’s public-address system and cursed out the passenger for all to hear.

There were F-bombs and F-yous, and then Steven Slater ended his tirade by saying he’d been working as a flight attendant for twenty-eight years. He blurted out “It’s been great!” and then grabbed a beer from the nearest beverage cart, activated the inflatable evacuation slide at a service exit and slid off the plane. Steven Slater jogged to the employee parking lot, got in his car and drove home, to Queens of course, where he was subsequently arrested.

Steven Slater was charged with felony counts of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

I think he should have been charged with making the most fabulous F-U-JetBlue in the world.

Steven Slater, I salute you!


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6 responses to “>Rule # 1: Never NEVER Piss Off A Queen

  1. >I just finished reading about this story a few minutes ago. When I quit or retire from my job I want to go out just like that.

  2. >I think the Mistress is going to hire him to do all her f**k you's and royal tell offs! It really works up a sweat when done correctly!

  3. >Someone set up a fan Facebook page, has 15k followers so far!

  4. >He shouldn't have been arrested. He should have been given an award, a promotion and a raise.

  5. >He shouldn't have been arrested. Authoritities these days have completely lost any sense of perspective. When an ordinary bloke gets so pissed off that he flips then fine. He's lost the job, that's enough.

  6. Dan

    >He didnt need a jammer, he need a tazer, that would have gotten his appology.Good for him!People in this country have lost all respect for the fellow human beings. I would be in jail for grabbing the luggage and bashing him in the nead.

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