>The Apple Don’t Fall Far From The Fucktard Tree


I am no fan of Mel Gibson.
Alcoholic. Homophobe. Adulterer. Bastard. Anti-Semite. Misogynist. ALLEGED Batterer.
But, um, yeah, maybe Melvin has a reason for being such a complete and utter asshat.
And it’s called Daddy.
Papa Gibson, one Hutton Gibson, recently claimed on a radio talk show that Pope Benedict is homosexual.
Um, okay. Did Hutton and Benny , er, do the deed? I mean, is that how Hutton knows?
No, Hutton knows the Pope is a fag because the Catholic Church has been “politicized” to the point where they can’t address controversial issues such as homosexuality. Hutton says: “It’s not willing to do so because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer.”
So, naturally, the question of the Pope’s sexual orientation, er, arises, and, when asked if he thinks Benedict is a homosexual, Hutton says: “I certainly do … why else would he put up with this….He’s a slippery character.”
Now, keep in mind that this is the same Hutton Gibson who, in 2003, questioned how the Nazis could have killed and disposed of six million bodies during the Holocaust. Yup, Hutton Gibson says the Holocaust never happened.
I guess we should have expected Mel Gibson to become a complete and utter waste of air being raised by such a delusional fucktard.


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2 responses to “>The Apple Don’t Fall Far From The Fucktard Tree

  1. >Yes, he's a nutbar. BUT, I do agree with him in that I think the pope is gay. It's not something I know. It's just something I believe in. Call it faith.Like so many gay bashers out there, I believe the pope attacks us out of a deep shame he has for his own gay feelings. Not much we can do about it but wait for the next pope to come along and (hopefully) make things right again.Mel's papa also said the most of the inhabitants of Vatican City are gay. I'd tend to believe this as it's been my experience that straight priests are few and far between.Yes, even an insane maniac can be correct in some of the things he claims.

  2. >The Catholic church (hell, any church for that matter) certainly doesn't corner the market on gay bashing, but they are certainly right up there.I do believe that most priests are gay. When I was in college I was friends with a guy (who had a boyfriend) and was majoring in religious studies in preparation for joining the monastery. Being gay myself, it didn't make matters any easier for me because he lived across the hall from me and was very easy on the eyes – if you know what I mean.When I was first getting to know Hubz, he told me that HE thought he was going to be a priest, but opted to just go to college instead. Enuf said.I think most priests use being a priest as a fantastical cover for their own homosexuality. Because who would question why a priest in his 50's or 60's was still single?Hypocrisy at its finest

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