>Gays Rule….Or At Least They Win Primaries


We’ve been having a nice gay week or so.

Prop H8 overturned.
Same-sex marriages must be recognized in every Mexican state.
Steven Slater gave rudeness the finger.

And to top it off, several openly gay and lesbian candidates scored big wins this past Tuesday in primary elections in Georgia, Colorado and Connecticut.

In Connecticut, Kevin Lembo won the Democratic primary for State Comptroller. Lembo is now the favorite to win the general election, and is on his way to becoming one of just a handful of openly LGBT candidates to win statewide office in the U.S.

In Colorado State Senator Lucia Guzman won her Democratic primary, and is well-positioned to keep the seat to which she was recently appointed. Guzman is an ordained minister and an out lesbian who hopes to invigorate efforts to pass legislation that secures key partnership rights for LGBT people and their families.

In Georgia, Joan Garner, an openly lesbian African-American, won her race for a seat on the Fulton County Commission in Atlanta. Because no other candidates qualified to be on the ballot in November, she will become the commission’s first openly LGBT member.

Congrats to the gays! One of the best ways to fight the system is to be out, proud, vocal, and working on the inside.
Gays rule!



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4 responses to “>Gays Rule….Or At Least They Win Primaries

  1. >We're such a good looking lot. As opposed to those sour-faced, disastrously-dressed, hate-spewing right winguts, who hope to "teabag" their way into the history books. They should go back to the 70s where their wardrobe belongs!I'm just saying…

  2. >It's been a great week as long as we're still not pining to shop at Target. I've been very happy with all the gay news coming out the past few days. And today I expect Judge Walker to do the right thing and allow us to get married in California in a few hours.

  3. >It has been a GREAT gay week!!!!!!!

  4. Joy

    >Progress! Slowly but happening.

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