>The Boycott Is Back, Too


So, first Target gets nailed for donating money to a PAC that donated money to a rabidly anti-gay politician, Tom Emmer, who gave some of his money to a “Christian” rock band who believes the moral thing to do is Kill The Gays.
Then the LGBT community gave a big Steven Slater to Target. We grabbed a Bud Lite and slid out of their stores in droves. And their stock dropped as the boycott hit.
Well, what does a Target do? They apologize, though not specifically to the LGBT community but to their own employees and they talk about how they were just doing what was best for Target.
Okay, so, boycott off? Not so much.
After agreeing to work with the Human Rights Campaign [HRC] to make amends for being money-grubbing-asshats, Target has suddenly decided to abandon the idea. HRC has been working with Target for almost two weeks to try and come to some sort of resolution that keeps Target’s reputation on relative solid footing within the LGBT community.

But Target said that they’re no longer interested in working with the group, and don’t really feel it’s in the company’s best interest to make things right with the LGBT community.

So, I would ask the LGBT community to reciprocate in kind, and stop working with Target. Perhaps do like this guy:

And if you work for Target, perhaps a job search is in order, and once you’ve found said employment elsewhere, why not head back into your Target store, find the nearest PA system, and give a big F-U to the company that gave a big F-U to the LGBT community.
Sounds only fair.


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4 responses to “>The Boycott Is Back, Too

  1. >You know that they don't like the GLBT boycott but are more afraid of the counter boycotts that were sure to come if they caved to us.

  2. >I LOVE what that guy did!!!! Although I'm sure someone will moan about the poor employees who have to put all that crap back … whatever.When I was in PA last weekend, Target is the closest store to my Dad's house and I usually pop in at least once. I made it a point not to go anywhere near that biatch this time.Suck it, homophobes!!XOXOXOXO

  3. >Up until last year I never shopped there. Guess what? I survived without them before. I can do it again.

  4. >I'm the guy in the video. As soon as they saw the camera a manager came and asked us to stop filming, we didn't , she called security, we went to Best Buy and this time I filmed my friend, then we went and joined the picket outside.In both cases the Cashiers were really cool and knew something was up (camera)

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