>Mary Cheney: The Lesbian Anti-Gay Rights Poster Child


Mary Cheney is a lesbian. Openly lesbian.

Mary Cheney is involved in a long-term relationship with her partner Heather Poe, and they have two children together.

And, like all gay and lesbian Americans, Mary Cheney doesn’t not reap the benefits rewarded heterosexual couples in America. Yet, unlike gay and lesbian Americans, Mary Cheney supports candidates who openly seek to deny gay and lesbian Americans the right to marry.

Mary Cheney donated money to the campaign of Kelly Ayotte, a Republican candidate for Senate in New Hampshire, who has said that she is “against same-sex marriage and believes marriage is between a man and a woman.” And Mary Cheney does not even live in New Hampshire. She and her girlfriend–I won’t use the term wife because, really, I can’t– live in Virginia.

So, why is a lesbian from Virginia supporting an anti-marriage equality candidate in New Hampshire?

Yeah, that’s the question I’d like answered, especially since she told People magazine in 2006: “I am in favor of legalized same-sex marriage.”

So, what happened Mary? Change your mind, didja?

Well, that’s your right, I suppose, but why? Why as a gay women, with a partner, and children, do you seek to fund candidates who would deny you and your partner the same rights you’d see if you happened to swing the heterosexual way?

I suppose because you’ve done it before, and will no doubt do it again.

Just this past June, the St. Petersburg Times reported Mary Cheney’s involvement with a group called the Alliance For America’s Future, who is working to elect Bill McCollum as Florida’s next governor. Yes, this is the same Bill McCollum, who as Attorney General sought to ensure that gay adoption was outlawed in the state.

And just a year ago, Mary Cheney gave $1,000 to Republican Senate candidate Rob Portman, who as a congressman voted to ban gay marriage and deny same-sex couples the right to adopt children. Records also show that, in June, Mary Cheney gave $1000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is responsible for funding and supporting GOP House candidates, the overwhelming majority of which oppose same-sex marriage.
Mary, you’re an asshat. It’s hard enough fighting the religious zealots and the political wingnuts, and the pastors and the haters and the Bible thumpers, and the Constitutionally-ill-informed, for our rights, but to fight one of our own?

You are truly, truly a sad, despicable woman.


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6 responses to “>Mary Cheney: The Lesbian Anti-Gay Rights Poster Child

  1. >It's amazing how ridiculous she is. Unfortunately, she has the money to support all of these haters! She can buy whatever she needs with her and her father's money. Rich people don't need the protections that we normal folk do.but I wonder if she truly believes that her and her partner are abominations? Or that her children will be all f#@ked up because they were raised by two women?They are more likely to be f#@ked up because they were raised by asshat Repubs.I'm just sayin…

  2. >Wow Stan…I've never read such langue from you!Actually, I think she is planning on dumping her partner and won't have to worry about any pesky laws giving her ex any rights to her money or kids.

  3. >That IS despicable! I am completely dumbfounded at all the hypocrisy around us. But when someone from the gay community does this,I just don't know what to think anymore.

  4. >What does she tell her children?

  5. >I am honestly stunned with her actions. Wow! It's totally beyond the pale isnt it? What is up with her anyway? The left side of her equation doesn't add up to the right side. gay+parent+wanting to marry her partner = giving money to those who will stop at nothing to deny us our rights. Nope it just doesnt add up.

  6. >While I understand the rights of people paired to celebrities to their privacy, I would really like to know what Mary Cheney's partner thinks of all this. Does she approve?

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