>I like to think of myself as the King….okay….the Queen…of the Facial Expression.
I don’t know how many times people have said to me, “What’s that look for?”
“What look?” I say.
That look. You looked bored.” or “Mad” or “Sarcastic”
“You just answered your own question,” I say, with yet another look.
Well, that ability to wound, amuse, amaze, annoy, with my facial muscles just might get me arrested if I ever travel to Elmhurst, Illinois, because it seems that Elhurst city officials are looking into finding a way of putting an end to the practice of…..wait for it…..it’s rich…..eye-rolling.
Oh, no, they di’in’t.
Apparently, at a recent city council meeting, an Elmhurst resident was actually ejected from the room after rolling her eyes in reaction to something that was said by a council member, and so members of the city council, who obviously have nothing better to do for their town, have asked the City Attorney to look into the creation of a “disturbance and disorderly conduct” violation and to see if eye-rolling could somehow be shoehorned into its definition.
I am breaking that proposed law right now.
I better keep away from Elmhurst. I could end up on death row, accused of sneering, or, god forbid, grimacing, at the wrong person.

[/eye roll]



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3 responses to “>Guilty!

  1. >I would be in trouble too. My facial expressions are really telling

  2. >I wear my feelings on my sleeves most of the time, but not to the depth that I really feel. The initial reaction dimes me out every time.

  3. >Mine give me away all the time. That's why I never play Texas Hold'em.

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