>Get Your "Tea" Shirt


from the actual website I’mVotingTeaParty:

The Tea Party might have a quasi-mainstream official platform, but it also seems to be a magnet for far right loonies, angry racists, borderline psychotics and those that are simply grossly misinformed. These shirts are for those fringe nutjobs that make the Tea Party rallies so much fun to read about.

And my personal favorite:


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7 responses to “>Get Your "Tea" Shirt

  1. >The third one on the top is wrong, like most tea party signs, Obama is left handed.

  2. >Hard to choose between Canada and Mordor…

  3. >Those are awesome. You must remember to call them teabaggers. they coined the name, then hated being referred to as teabaggers once someone told them what they were saying. For that reason, I always call them teabaggers! :)Of course, though we know they are just ridiculous claims, of course, teabaggers will belief this stuff.

  4. Joy

    >Well, they have to expect to be made fun of! Too much material there not to. Good ones!

  5. >that is so funny, and yet sad because that's how they think

  6. >OMG! I want one of those shirts just so I can (bleep) with the Baggers in my neck of the woods on Election Day.

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