>More Of Nikki Haley’s Dirty Words


from the South Carolina New Democrats:

Nikki Haley recently released her plan titled “South Carolina Education.”
The following 10 dirty words do not appear in her plan:
  • Reading and writing – little things that have something to do with education.
  • Colleges and universities – places that have something to do with education.
  • Homework – what kids should do after school other than watch TV.
  • Vouchers for or against, a major issues about school funding in South Carolina.
  • Kindergartens a place where education begins.
  • Foreign languages – something that’s useful in dealing with most of the world.
  • Arts and music – an important part of any education.
  • Athletics and physical education – yes, we’re ready for some football.
  • Online learning – the fastest growing segment of education.
  • Nutrition – something good for kids other than junk food in schools.

We were ready to include “principals” but we found she included it but misspelled the word as “principles.”
Fifty percent of South Carolina’s general fund is spent on education. Haley’s so-called education “policy paper” is less than 1,300 words – the length of a regular newspaper article.


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One response to “>More Of Nikki Haley’s Dirty Words

  1. >Ouch. I thought Meg Whitman was pretty bad but Haley sounds like she wants to destroy public education through — let me guess — tax cuts, curtail spending and vouchers for people to pick the school of their choice?That's how the GOP has been trying to get it done here in California for as long as I can remember and as a whole my state has one of the worst public school systems in the country.

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