>The McDon’t Decay


I am not a fan of The Fast Food. Sorry, DD, no Arby’s for me.

I’ve always thought I could make myself a meal that is better tasting, more to my liking, and probably less expensive, than dashing out to the local drive-thru. And now, I have even more reasons to cook at home.

The kind folks at Good Blog bought a McDonald’s Hamburger and a side of fries on Saturday, April 10, 2010. But they didn’t eat it.

Instead, they photographed it every day for 137 days and, well, this is the sick part…..IT NEVER CHANGED.

Never got moldy. Never turned green.

On Day 137 it looked pretty much like it did on Day 1.

Yeah, all the more reason to stay out of the drive-thru.

You can see the whole :::ack::: progression HERE.


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11 responses to “>The McDon’t Decay

  1. >You can tell a bunch of skinny bitches did this experiment – a McD's hamburger and fries wouldn't last 10 minutes at my house … let alone 137 days.XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. >what the what? REALLY? not even the bun got moldy?I don't see how that is even possible. What could that put it in to preserve it like that?

  3. >Ewww McDonald's. Not even mold can stand eating it.I bet if someday they determine McD's is the cause of rise in Autism, people will *still* go there to eat.

  4. >That is really pretty disgusting…

  5. >Is this why it tastes so good? LOL. Scary experiment!

  6. >If I eat it will I live forever?Or just grow thin and old Bilbo?

  7. >In ancient times, salt was the main ingredient used to preserve food. In modern times, salt is the main ingredient used to preserve food.

  8. >I'm not a fan of McDonald's. Too bland. Carl's Jr/Hardee's on the other hand makes an excellent Western Bacon Cheeseburger I gotta have about once a week.

  9. >Reminds me of the identical experiment shown in the film "Super-size Me" by Morgan Spurlock (available on Netflix). Kinda took care of my fast food cravings.

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