>Architecture Wednesday: The Tree House

>As a kid, I always wanted a tree house, but the yard we had didn’t really have trees that afforded such structures. Sure, maybe a few planks of wood to sit on, but not an actual house.
Not this. This is what I wanted. Dad!

The design of this LA home “takes that cool ‘tree-in-house’ concept and applies it with a series of creative twists,” like steel supports, at odd angles, which “are a clever abstraction of the natural forest” around the house.

It’s small, to be sure, and within sight of Los Angeles, though it does seem worlds away, perhaps planets away.

The outside and inside are joined visually by “a dizzying in-floor, clear-glass inset that allows views down a branch of the tree that runs around and below the dwelling.”




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3 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: The Tree House

  1. >The Ponder kids had a tree house in the cherry trees. The trees that came down today. sob!

  2. >Yes please! And if it's not asking too much, could I please have it built in an apple tree so I have snacks within reach?

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