>Seriously, Arizona? You Want THIS As Your Governor?


Jan Brewer.
What a complete moron.
First off, she cannot even form a sentence for a televised debate, hemming ans hawing and giggling. Then she utters lines like, “We have did…..,” and I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be asking to see her papers since English, or at least proper English is apparently foreign to her.

And next we have the Jan Brewer that, when asked a direct, specific question, answers a completely different question.
Why can’t you talk about the “beheadings in the desert” Jan? Perhaps because they never happened and you are using fear to win reelection, telling the people of Arizona that the Mexicans are coming to murder them.
And then, when reporters confront her with her refusal to answer the question, she again completely ignores the question, until the reporters persist, and then she runs.

Arizona? You can do better than this fear-mongering-moronic twit.
You can do much better.



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5 responses to “>Seriously, Arizona? You Want THIS As Your Governor?

  1. >Typical Repub Conservative Wingnut. SHe's great with her memorized conservative responses to talking points. But when asked a genuine question for which she is not prepared, she freezes like a deer caught in the headlights. She has no ideas of her own. Intelligence is foreign to her. She can't think on the spot, or even have an opinion because she's afraid of what she might say.n They're all coached to ignore questions for which they have no responses. Look at her and that idiot Angle. They are all cut from the same cloth. Asshats and fucktards, each and every one of them.

  2. Joy

    >In my best Janice from Friends impression, "Oh. My. God." How in the hell did she get to be governor? What is wrong with people? I'm speechless, and that doesn't happen often.

  3. >I think the hair spray fumes have impaired her beyond cognition. They make her think that she is smart.

  4. >Maybe it's because I'm in politics myself. I've looked just as eff'd up as she did. I'd like to say that "we've all had a bad day, gay and conservative alike. . . ."Oh,what the hell — I have NEVER appeared that fucked up and there's no excuse for it. I hope to GOD she's Palin's V.P. candidate in '12.

  5. >Damn, how the fuck did she ever get elected as governor in the first place?

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