>Architecture Wednesday

So, the last time I hosted Architecture Wednesday, I showed y’all a tree house, and lamented the fact that I never had one. Well, now, I think I want a playhouse, or as I’ll call it, a Blog House.
See, this way, I can blog to my heart’s content and I won’t have to listen to Carlos say, Oh, La Prinecessa blogger won’t let me use the computer.
Yeah, he does say that.
The only issue I can see is that Carlos may want his own playhouse, and there will be squabbles and tears……unless we build two?


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7 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. >oh cute!i think i want one too!

  2. >That thing is adorable! Too bad I don't have a backyard.XOXOXOXOXO

  3. >What kind of foul magic is this? How can it be bigger on the inside than the outside?

  4. >That would just be the perfect liitle blog hut wouldn't it? Now where to place the thing!

  5. Joy

    >I have the perfect spot for this. I want one! Where did you find this?

  6. Joy

    >Never mind – just saw the link. 🙂

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