Glenn Beck is saying that if there is any violence coming to America it will be coming from the Left. Those nasty liberals. Well, then, Glenn, put down the hankie and wipe your tears long enough to explain to me why it is that we don’t see a single sign, such as the one at a recent Teabagger rally that read, “By ballot or by bullet a change is coming” at any liberal rallies or campaign stops? Why is it only conservative teabagging dimwit illiterate fucktards are carrying the threatening messages, and why aren’t you asking them to stop?

I think summer is coming to a close here in Smallville. We are way out of the hundreds and treading dangerously close to the mid-80s. Add to that that it was in the 50s last night, and I had to wear socks to bed so my feet didn’t get cold. God, I’m a shawl and a rocker away from being my grandmother.

I saw some of the VMA’s the other night. I loved the Lohan skit. But what i don’t get is why everyone is bashing her for making fun of her situation, or situations. I mean, how come every comic on TV and every moron with a blog–finger pointed directly at moi–can bash, poke fun, call names, and generally ridicule Lindsanity, but she can’t?

Cher. Sixty-something. Fabulousness. That’s all.

Lady Gaga. Love her. Love the clothes, except for the meat-fit, that was just gross. But, when you wanna outdo wearing a suit of frogs, I guess a suit of beef is the next illogical step.

Christine O’Donnell handily won the Delaware primary. If you don’t know her, she believes you can “Cure The Gay” and is against masturbation, and did a slick job of trying to paint her opponent as gay without actually ever saying it. That’s the bad news. The good news is, the Republicans don’t want to support this wingnut moron, so it looks like the Democrats will win in the general election. Enjoy your fame while you can, Christine, soon you’ll be merely a footnote in the Handbook Of Stupid.

As a glutton for punishment, I watched the season opener of the farewell season of Oprah. The things I do for this blog, but……Girlfriend has gotten fatter. It looked like she’d eaten the Keebler elves out of house and tree. And, of course, the season opener was all about Oprah, and a salute to the fanatics who follow her and weep at the sight of her. I wonder what all these women, and some men, will do, once Oprah hangs up her big girl panties.

And don’t get me started on Miss John Travolta. Girlfriend is as big as O, but oh so pasty. And, you’d think if he could afford his own airplane he could afford a better rug. The montage of previous Travolta visits to O’ville, were like a parade of bad hair Club For Men ads. The toupees were different in every one. And the skin goes pastier, and the eyebrows go darker, and the forehead goes smoother, every year.

Newt Gingrich called president Obama a Kenyan. Seriously. This dumbfuck thinks pandering to the lowest of the lowest will aid him in a presidential bid? What would have helped him was not fucking around on wives 1 and 2 with wives 2 and 3.

And what about Glenn Beck and Mama Grizzly Bore with their latest attempt to co-opt a date in American history. First was their little, and I do mean little, salute to faith on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Who bought that it was just a coinkydink that Beck-and-Bore didn’t realize what they had done? Okay, maybe some did, but then when they held another rally on 9/11 and again called it a coinkydink? Really? Let me tell you something you former drug addict turned snake oil salesman and you, you ignorant illiterate screw everyone to get ahead political wannabe, there isn’t a person in this country who doesn’t hear 9/11 or September 11 and not think about that day. So, if the two of you fucktards really didn’t think of it, it just plays into my theory that you are both to stupid to be of any consequence.

George Michael was just sentenced to eight weeks in jail for “drug driving.” Lindsay Lohan should be thankful she wasn’t hijacking cars, kidnapping people, driving recklessly and high on cocaine in the UK.


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5 responses to “>Musings

  1. >They don't call him Newt the Poot for nothing.I'm wondering how in the hell are they going to fill an entire year into Oprah… and if they are going to carefully monitor photo morphs so she doesn't expand and contract so much?

  2. >They don't call him Newt the Poot for nothing.I'm wondering how in the hell are they going to fill an entire year into Oprah… and if they are going to carefully monitor photo morphs so she doesn't expand and contract so much?

  3. >Lady Gaga better stay away from the real frog in my pond!What is she going to do to top the Meat Dress? She did travel to NY in her dainties. She is running out of legal options.

  4. >The only clips I saw of the VMAs were on the Today show the following morning and I gotta say Cher was smokin' no matter what age she is. I'm so glad O'Donnell won. I think this might force moderate Republicans to either stay home or vote Democrat for the first time in November.

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