>Top Chef: Just Desserts


Gail and Her Boobies. A DavidDust Dessert Production.
Johnny Iuzzini, or as I like to call him, Johnny Rocket. The challenge is to make a mouse as high and sleek as his hair.
Dannielle Kyrillos. All I’ve learned about her is that she loves a party in her mouth.

Danielle almost got the boot, and I see more boots in her future.
Eric got the invisible edit, so the jury is out on him.
Erika. Yeah, who?
Heather H was our first TCJD winner, and she will be the tough as nails beeyotch this season.
Malika has issues with completing dishes, so my hopes aren’t high.
Morgan. He’s the obligatory straight kind in pastry, and apparently the biggest whiny-assed jerk of the bunch. He’s from Texas and has an ego to match.
Yigit. I wonder if his name is pronounced like a hillbilly version of “You idiot,” as in, Y’idgit, because I think that card may be played over and over again.
Zac. You are the Official Crier of the show. And the Official Raging Homosexual Snark-fest.
Tim, you have dubbed yourself the Snow Queen and I concur.
Heather C. There is only room for one Heather, so you best bring it.
Seth. An enigma. Is he gay? He has a crush on Gail–but then so does our darling DavidDust. And he looks a little gym rat, so maybe. But then he called the TCJD kicthen his barbie dream kitchen.
Tania. What can I say. Gritty mousse don’t win. Buh-bye.
Well, at first I wasn’t interested because I’m not much of a dessert guy, but then with the promos full of divas, bitches, egos and cat-fights, well, it looked a little too Real Housewives of Pastryville to pass up.
What do you think?
Watch what happens?
Or Just Skip Desserts?


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5 responses to “>Top Chef: Just Desserts

  1. >I missed Gail and her Girls last night, but I'll definitely be tuning in next week.XOXOXO

  2. >We'll hang in there – we're trained by Bravo to tune in on Wednesday nights. Also curious to see what the challenges are going to be.

  3. >Is anyone taking bets on how long those sideburns last?How many shows before the twink, I mean Yigit is shirtless?It looks like Morgan will be an ass but at least he'll be a hot ass. How long will his shirt stay on?I think Seth A will soon be shirtless too, butta face! He's like that episode of Seinfeld good looking/good light, ugly/bad light.

  4. Joy

    >I'm still swooning over the decadent chocolate feast! My favorite food group! I'll watch. Why not? I'm curious about the challenges, and I like to make desserts much more than I like to cook/prepare real food that's good for me.

  5. >Biased as always.Once again a blog that stands for nothing.

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