>John McCain Is A Disgrace


Poor John McCain, gettin’ his panties in a twist over DADT, and the questions surrounding whether or not the military actively sought out gay service members to discharge.

Listen as he rants and rages, and spits and sputters and stammers and stalls, and then goes all Rainman….It’s not the policy….It’s not the policy…..It’s not the policy….when he is asked about the military actively exposing gay members.

McCain keeps saying it doesn’t happen, doesn’t happen, didn’t happen, never happened. But what the Old Man forgets is that it did happen to Major Mike Almy, who told his story of his private emails being opened in a military witch hunt for gay soldiers.

And McCain forgets that Almy told his story to the Senate Armed Services Committee, where John McCain has a seat, and where John McCain was seated, the day Almy testified.

You’re a disgrace, Senator McCain. A disgrace to your party, to your state, to your country, and to the military. And, you’re a liar.

You have continued to bring up your military service time and again, as though it makes you an expert on the military. It does not. And you speak at every turn about your years as a POW. Well, Mr. McCain, the gay men and women who have been serving in silence, and the gay men and women who have been discharged from the military simply for being gay, are for more persecuted and tortured than you ever were, for they are being tortured by their own country, simply for being gay.

You dishonor the military., You dishonor this country. You dishonor the people of this country, and you disgust me.

It is clear that you are virulently anti-gay, and it is clear that you are out of step with the people of this country and what the people want, and with what the military leaders want.

Step down. Get out of the way.

You’re a disgrace.



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4 responses to “>John McCain Is A Disgrace

  1. >Oh, snap! I totally agree.

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