Big weather changes in Smallville. The heat of summer has benn replaced by the coolness of fall almost overnight. We were in the high 90s last week, and have spent the last couple of days in the rainy wet 70s. Dare I say it, but summer is truly over.

Carlos was doing outreach over the weekend at a local Catholic Church. Do not get me started on the idea that a Catholic church in South Carolina would let someone hand out information on HIV prevention and protection at a church. That is, as Rachel Zoe might say, Major. But then they asked Carlos to make his announcement that he would be outside after Mass from the pulpit. Yes, dear readers, My Little Homo spoke at a Catholic Mass. Now, apparently, I must call him Padre Carlitos, though I’m leaning more towards Sister Carlotta.

Is man-massage loving, meth-head, former mega-church pastor, ex-gay….tee hee, it’s funny because it’s not possible….Ted Haggard rushing to the defense of accused sexual predator Bishop Eddie Long because he truly believes Long is innocent, or because he wants to get on the Eddie Long in Pink Muscle T’s mailing list?
That’s a rhetorical question.

Let’s check America’s collective short-term memory. Y’all remember back when Bill Clinton was president and the GOP painted him as the most evil of evils? Like they’re doing to Obama now? Okay, good. Well, do y’all remember serial adulterer Newt Gingrich and his “Contract With America”–that list of all the things the GOP would do if we voted them control of the House? Nice. So, then, you must remember, that many people voted to give the GOP control and suddenly we heard no more of the “Contract With America”. And now, they’re trying the same thing with the “Pledge To America.” You really think they’ll follow through on it? I mean, they didn’t follow through the last time, but, okay, you wanna believe it, go ahead. But make sure you realize that the writer of the GOP’s “Pledge To America” is a lobbyist for AIG and Exxon and Pfizer, among others. So, does that seem like the GOP has the best interests of America at heart, or the best interests of big business?

Lohan. Yeah, back in jail for a hot minute and out on bail. Barely. There is talk that Lohan was so strapped for cash that she almost couldn’t post bail, which might have been the best thing for her. And then comes the news that Lindsay would voluntarily check herself into rehab; fifth time’s the charm. Or is it the sixth? But instead of going into rehab she makes a highly publicized trip to an LA mission and hands out purses to some of the girls there. Lindsay? Honey? I know we’ve had our issues, but seriously, a trip to a mission doesn’t make you Mother Terese, it makes you a self-entitled drug addict looking for good press in the hopes that, come October 22nd, the judge doesn’t send your ass back to jail. Sad, but true.

I caught a couple of episodes of LOGO’s new show, Gossip Queens. Not so heavy on the gossip, and not so much fun with the queens. If you wanna see real gossip and real queens, check out Joan Rivers on E’s Fashion Police. Now that’s gossipy and funny!


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4 responses to “>Musings

  1. >We are so confused out West – 88 yesterday – not normal!

  2. >It was 113 degrees yesterday, a record high in Redneckville. And today it's going to be about 97 with a 20% chance of thunderstorms. Ugh!

  3. >Bob, you best be nice to Sister Carlotta. Those nuns know how to bitch slap an errant homo-husband faster than you can say wtf@#$!???And YOU could get hurt.;-)

  4. >Priest Carlitos has “cojones” to give out condoms after mass. Hey, remind me again when was the last time that a priest was OK with condoms let alone after mass? Sister Carlotta got balls. More so than Loham that keeps dominating the spotlight!

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