>….And Again……


Just two days ago, while writing the story of the hate messages left on Billy Luca’s Memorial page–Lucas was a young man who killed himself after years of being bullied in school–I mentioned a young man in California, who was on life support after hanging himself rather than face one more day of taunts and jabs and shoves and name-calling.

When I posted that story [HERE] that young man didn’t have a name, but now he does.

It’s Seth Walsh. And we know that’s his name because he died today, after nine days on life support. Another notch in the belt of the bullies who run rampant through our schools. And another blackmark against teachers and school administrators who do nothing about bullying, who do nothing to help these kids.

Out in Tehachapi, California, where Seth Walsh lived and died, police investigators are interviewing some of the young people who taunted Seth the day he hanged himself, though the police say that the actions of these bullies do not constitute a crime. Even though their actions caused a young boy to take his life.

Jeff Kermode, Tehachapi Police Chief, said, “Several of the kids that we talked to broke down into tears. They had never expected an outcome such as this.”  

These morons never suspected that continuous, endless, unchecked bullying and taunting and abuse would cause someone to find a way out by taking their own life?

Kermode also said the students had told investigators they wish they had put a stop to the bullying and not participated in it.

Too late for second thoughts and second chances. Seth Walsh is dead. And he’s dead because of the vicious taunts by a bunch of bullies.

While Seth Walsh’s friends say he had been bullied for years because he was gay, all the school would offer was the news that they have an anti-bullying policy in place.

Yes, just like we have speed limits, but you have to enforce them. Just saying you’re a No Bully school doesn’t make it so. Schoolmates said staff at Jacobsen Middle School in Tehachapi offered Seth no protection or guidance. 

Let it be. Let him die.

Not only to these moronic bullies need to be punished for their actions, but so does the school. You can’t just spout that you have a policy and then let it go unchecked. You can’t keep saying that this is what kids do.

This isn’t what kids should do. They should be learning and playing and growing. Not spending nine days on life support and then dying because you couldn’t take one more day.

This has to stop.



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7 responses to “>….And Again……

  1. >So horribly sad. My heart aches for all these kids and their families.

  2. >It is so sad that in 2010 this still goes on!!! And your so right Bob. Not only should the kids and their parents feel like shit and be held accountable but so should the God damn school and the "guidance counselors" Shame on the large group of mormons!!!!! I hope they never have a moments peace.

  3. >These stories make me impossibly sad & very possibly angry beyond words.

  4. J

    >really a very sad world we live in… found this wonderful site todayhttp://www.wegiveadamn.org

  5. >One comment for two posts, Bob. This is intolerable. Over 40 years since that sort of hate was directed at me and not one single lesson seems to have been learned either in your country or here in the UK.Something must be done, these are hate crimes not "boys will be boys".

  6. >The school knows what is going on and they do nothing to help or protect these kids – they are the biggest part of the problem. Then too – the parents can't be that clueless?

  7. >I hope someone passes a law where it's a crime to not do anything about bullying when it's reported. This must stop with our generation.

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