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Everyone seems to think “bigger is better” is best and, well, maybe so, in some ways, I guess, but not necessarily in houses.
Case if point: A new modernist box, perched on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
Architect Bill Yudchitz used simple lines and building materials such as Baltic birch plywood to create what is being called an EDGE home; EDGE stands for Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment.
Yudchitz. modular design has 320 square feet of well-crafted space on the first floor, plus two 80-square-foot balconies for sleeping.
Yudchitz says the EDGE would sell well in Europe, where many people live in small quarters, but he’s not convinced many Americans would embrace it. He’s also not convinced they’ll pay more for a green home.
And the EDGE is seriously green. It has triple-pane windows, super-insulated walls and roof, geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting and a heat recovery ventilator. Its huge, louvered doors are designed to help insulate the home, and its sleek wood furniture converts from a sofa to a table to a bed.
Yeah, in America, that might not fly, but it sure is cool.


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5 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. >This is the sort of house I would seriously like to live in. All that gorgeous wood and natural light. I've never understood why people want huge, oversized homes. I once lived in a neighbourhood where a lot of older bungalows were being torn down to build huge single family homes. One was so big I referred to it as 'the orphanage'.

  2. >I could live in that for sure.

  3. >Lovely home! While we were in Japan, I totally fell in love with the futon idea. If your bed is picked up and put away each day, then that frees up the space to use the room when typically it would be unused. Many of our spaces are only used now and then, which if you think about it, is honestly a colossal waste of space and money. I'm so very tired of all the McMansions that are being built to house at the most 2 – 3 people. What happened that we need so much room to live in?

  4. >While I went to school for interior design, I can enjoy all the big homes and mansions, but I myself would rather have a small chic place to live and this place looks like I could live there for sure. And can you imagine the views?

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