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I’m a Glee-k through and through. i like the characters, the stories, the music, the talent, the gay sensibilities, Matthew Morrison’s dimples.
But this weeks Britney episode was a mess. There was no story, save for a little nitrous-induced dream sequences of Britney tunes. And the idea that Mr. Shue didn’t want the glee club doing Britney songs seemed to make no sense. Plus, and this is just me, the Britney songs really aren’t that good.
And now I hear that Gwyneth Paltrow will be doing a few episodes.
Hey Glee writers? Get back to the show i loved. With good songs, good dances, good stories, good characters, and Matthew Morrison’s dimples.

More enjoyable than Glee this week, and on at the same time so I’ll thank the goddess for the DVR, was Inside The Actor’s Studio with Betty White.
What a wonderful life she’s had; what a fantastic career. She was the first woman on TV; she was the first woman on TV to executive produce her own show, back in the 1940s. And what wonderful stories she told of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls.
I got a little misty when she was asked what, if she believed in God, what would she want to hear when she got to Heaven, and she said, “Hello Betty. Allen’s waiting.”

Top Chef: Just Desserts is Top Chef: Just Crazy. The Seth Show continues because he doesn’t even do the challenges. this week he was supposed to make a wedding cake and he made an engagement cupcake because he doesn’t “do” wedding cakes. then he was supposed to make something to sell at a school bake sale, and he made a Financier Cake. Yeah, all those years my Mom baked cookies and cupcakes when she should have been doing a  Financier Cake.
And don’t get me started on Morgan, or as I like to call him, Insufferable Dick. And then there’s Heather H who called out one of the other pastry chef’s wedding cakes as too “home-y.” It was more than slightly reminiscent of Gretchen on PR calling someones outfit a design school project.
Still, line of the night goers to Zac for saying to Gail, when he learned of the ninety minute wedding cake challenge, “Have you been snorting butter cream?”
Loved it.



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2 responses to “>Tube Talk

  1. >I agree totally. This week's episode was a wreck. We need more character development and fewer mock videos.

  2. >Personally I think the writers threw the straights a bone by having Heather Morris do Britney's first two numbers. I didn't think it was that bad.

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